Love Is Blind Season 2: Do ‘Love Is Blind’ Couples Have To Get Engaged?

Love Is Blind Season 2: Do 'Love Is Blind' Couples Have To Get Engaged?

Most reality dating shows are about finding the perfect couple in hopes of staying together after filming ends. But when it comes to Love Is Blind on Netflix, the stakes are much higher. Cast members must not only fall in love, but also get engaged within a couple of weeks. So what happens after someone proposes on Love Is Blind? The show features 30 singles ready to find their soulmate and fall in love. The beauty is that none of them meet face-to-face until after they get engaged. The potential partners get to know each other in rooms called pods through a wall that divides them. It’s like a quick blind date that ends with an engagement. And while not all couples get engaged, those that make the jump get to continue on the show.

In the second season of Love Is Blind, a couple gets engaged at the end of the first episode. This is early by anyone’s standards, and it’s also a surprise for this show. However, Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thomas soon develop strong feelings and decide to take the next step. The day after their engagement, Danielle and Nick meet outside of the pods.

Afterwards, Danielle and Nick no longer see each other in the pods. Since they are now engaged and have met face-to-face, they no longer need to talk through a wall. Once the other couples have formed and become engaged, they too leave the pods and the gendered apartments where the contestants are staying. But where do they go?

Once all the engaged couples are formed, they meet at a resort in Mexico to get to know each other better. Since Danielle and Nick got engaged before everyone else, they may have been allowed to leave for Mexico before their fellow cast members. It’s unclear if they do so from the show, but this would give them additional time to get to know each other better there.

Love Is Blind Season 2: Do ‘Love Is Blind’ Couples Have To Get Engaged?

The purpose of Love Is Blind is for people to meet their future spouse. They are not supposed to leave the show single or even in a relationship. Instead, they are meant to get engaged. If they don’t get engaged, they are released from the show once the engaged couples leave the pods.

There’s no mention of which contestants actually leave or when they leave in season 2, but as a form of connections, it’s clear who will stick around and who will no longer be getting screen time.

Love Is Blind contestants face a ton of pressure. They have to get to know other people without meeting them in real life, while essentially competing with other cast members. Seasons 1 and 2 involve love triangles – and squares, too! – and things get messy. Plus, the contestants are only in the pods for a couple of weeks before deciding if they want to get engaged and go to the retreat in Mexico.

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