Love Is Blind: The Show Needs More Diverse Contestants

Love Is Blind: The Show Needs More Diverse Contestants

The first and second seasons of Love is Blind were big hits for Netflix. The idea of LIB seems a bit unrealistic, as it’s hard to believe that a quick marriage without even seeing the other person before the proposal would work in the long run. As such, this dating experiment has many similarities to online dating or even an arranged marriage.

Any dating situation that is called an experiment or any relationship built on a reality TV show is likely to end in disaster. While many of the couples on Love Is Blind were hoping for a happy ending and marriage, the truth is that this is more of a fantasy than a reality.

The love triangles in the first season showed the heartbreak that comes with a new social experience. Contestants not only had feelings for more than one person, but they also turned down proposals and agreed to marry someone else.

In the first season, we saw Jessica explore her feelings for both Barnett, who she eventually proposed to Amber, and Mark. This showed the producers that even without the couples meeting, jealousy fuels the drama.

Love Is Blind: The Show Needs More Diverse Contestants

The first season gave us a multitude of personalities with unexpected couples and a bombshell drop after a couple got engaged. However, she wanted more diversity for the contestants and couples in the upcoming season. The first season only had one mixed-race couple who said “I do,” and Carlton and Diamond’s relationship fell apart after he confessed his sexual fluidity.

Producers listened to fans and launched the second season with a more ethnically diverse cast. Shake and Deepti had a traditional Indian wedding, while Mallory and Salvador had classically themed dates and a Mariachi band. Fans continue to ask for more diversity in future seasons.

Written by Sarah Milner

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