Phaedra Parks Hints at RHOA Comeback – Will She Return Despite Married to Medicine Gig?

Phaedra Parks Hints at RHOA Comeback - Will She Return Despite Married to Medicine Gig?

Phaedra Parks, known from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA), might come back. She left in Season 9 and now stars in “Married to Medicine.” Yet, fans are curious. She’s hinting at a return. This has sparked more speculation.

A Glimmer of Hope for RHOA Fans

Phaedra Parks left RHOA in Season 9, leaving fans wanting more. She’s now on “Married to Medicine,” but her fit with the cast is in doubt due to her non-medical background.

In a recent Entertainment Tonight interview, Parks revealed she’ll stay for the eleventh season. However, her comments on a potential RHOA return have sparked talks and hopes among fans.

Parks mentioned her friendship with Porsha Williams, who’s back on RHOA. This suggests a possible collaboration or return. “I love Porsha and, you know, we’ve been talking, and hopefully we can work something out,” Parks said, exciting fans.

She’s open to a return but needs the right conditions and cast. This shows her thoughtful approach to her TV career.

Phaedra Parks’ West Coast Plans

Phaedra Parks, known for “Married to Medicine,” is considering a move to California. She’s also close to MJ from “Shahs of Sunset,” whom she met on “The Traitors.” This might lead to more time on the West Coast. Yet, Atlanta is still her main hub, where she eyes RHOA opportunities.

Fans eagerly await Parks’ next decision. Will she return to RHOA or stay on “Married to Medicine”? Either way, she’s sure to captivate with her humor and charm.

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