The View: Meghan McCain Also Shades Elisabeth Hasselbeck

The View: Meghan McCain Also Shades Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Meghan McCain is taking the coronavirus seriously on The View. On the same day the conservative co-host has overshadowed Elisabeth Hasselbeck for trying to “pray away” the pandemic, she also called Ivanka Trump. McCain has a problem with Jared Kushner and his wife only showing up when it’s to their advantage, but they have been absent because of the health crisis.

What did McCain say?

“I was shocked by their roles in this, because they wear hats whenever they want,” Meghan McCain said on the ABC talk show.

The Republican pundit believes that both Ivanka and Jared are the center of attention only when it suits him. McCain posted Instagram posts, but he didn’t address the real problems the world is facing right now.

“When you’re a White House consultant and you want to create a policy, you’ve got your hat on,” McCain continued. “When you want to be a mom at home talking about how to entertain your kids, you have that hat at home.” I get moms to do everything, I get it, it’s not like I can’t talk about being a mom, but at the same time, I haven’t heard anything… The three of us got mad about the masks and the fans… and by the way, this is her hometown. New York is Ivanka’s hometown. If this happened in Phoenix, I’m sorry guys, I love this show, but I’d probably be at home in Phoenix raging about it, because it’s my hometown”.

Meghan McCain feels that both Jared and Ivanka should be more in the spotlight in these difficult times.

“It’s incredibly tone-deaf to me. If you’re Jared or Ivanka right now… I’m angry in a way I haven’t felt in a long time,” continued McCain. “So it’s a little weird for me that when they want to be political advisors, they’re political advisors when it’s easy and convenient, but when the shit is really going down and there’s a huge crisis, you want to put some nice Instagram pictures. And I, for example, am not interested in that”.

The View: Meghan McCain Also Shades Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Meghan McCain is really furious, as he said several times during the show. She even cast a bit of a shadow over Hasselbeck after hosting him the week before. Although it’s unusual for hardcore conservatives to turn on each other, McCain called her for not taking the coronavirus seriously. The ladies were discussing how Donald Trump and Fox News called the pandemic a hoax.

“I’ve worked in conservative media all my life,” McCain said. “There’s a lot of people listening to Fox News just on this. I’ve seen the tone in this country begin to change – again, we’ve been angry for a long time – the tone started to change when Fox started to change. This is a problem for me that affects older people, where we have more difficulty in getting people to take it more seriously.

The conservative co-host noted that a change in Trump’s opinion changed after Tucker Carlson, presumably, made him change his perspective. McCain said he felt he was “the only conservative in the world left in the mainstream media. Sometimes he feels “tribal” and feels that everything is an “attack” on the president or Republicans.

“By the way, we made it happen on this show, not with me,” Meghan McCain continued. “We made it happen on this show, not to forget it, some Republican who said wash your hands and pray. It didn’t just happen on Fox News, it happened right here on The View.”

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