The View: Meghan McCain Faces Backlash

The View: McCain faces backlash

Meghan McCain, the conservative co-host of The View, is a super fan of Real Housewives. The political analyst is not ashamed to admit she loves the Bravo franchise and is particularly passionate about The Real Housewives of New York City. Over the weekend, she bonded with RHONY’s former student Bethenny Frankel for her approach to “superficial celebrity news”.

The world is going through difficult times in the midst of the health crisis. Lives are at stake and everyone is concerned about their own well-being and that of others. Frankel raised awareness by making donations through his foundation and criticized “superficial celebrity news” during the pandemic.

“How low is your tolerance for superficial celebrity news right now?” Skinnygirl’s founder posted on Twitter.

One of her fans, McCain, quoted her tweet and added, “Zero fu**s. Especially when they’re trying to entertain me by singing John Lennon from McMansions in Malibu”.

The View: McCain faces backlash

Both Frankel and McCain are right, there are many more important things in the world than focusing on superficial things. However, with so much bad news, “superficial celebrity news” is a form of escape for many. McCain’s tweet didn’t go too well and a backlash followed.

“At least it spreads joy. This tweet doesn’t,” one fan replied. “McCain here pretends to be an ordinary person,” a follower added.

“Said the incredibly self-conscious woman-child who boasts that she’s never missed an episode of Real Housewives. Unbelievable,” commented a Twitter user. “McCain hates anything that can bring a little joy to people,” said another fan.

MeghanMcCain, you’re rich,” another fan said. Your family is rich and that’s fine.” So actors trying to make people smile aren’t good, but the tiger guy is? Is WTF like that?”

“God forbid someone should try to entertain people and give them something to distract them while they’re sitting at home doing nothing,” said another Twitter user. “Why is McCain so cynical? I guess she’s not tweeting from a 500-square-foot apartment”?

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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