Sister Wives: Kody and Robyn Brown Fight – The fight affects Aurora Brown and fans are mad

Sister Wives: Kody and Robyn Brown Fight - The fight affects Aurora Brown and fans are mad

Kody Brown’s gotten a little slack based on how he treats his four wives on Sister Wives. However, one scene in the next episode has fans looking for him for a completely different reason. Many viewers have launched an online assault on Kody Brown for how his fight with Robyn Brown caused a real panic attack on Aurora.

The fight between Kody Brown and Robyn Brown is a bit surprising, but only for those who don’t know how Kody Brown treats his wives when he doesn’t bow to his wishes and desires.

The fact that Robyn Brown won’t buy a house away from all the other wives upset Kody Brown this week. For a guy who wanted a One House and then planned to build a set of houses around each other for each of his wives, he seemed very angry that Robyn Brown didn’t want to buy another house somewhere else in Flagstaff.

When Robyn Brown said she wanted to rent until Kody Brown could keep his promise that the wives could live together, she freaked out. She said it was god’s will.

However, Kody Brown informed her that God’s will was what he wanted and that it was for her to buy a house. So, God’s will is what Kody Brown wants at least in his overcontrolled mind.

While they were fighting, Kody Brown decided he had to tell the boys what was going on. He let Robyn’s five kids know that the realtor had sold the house they were living in and had to move out… …again. As if moving from Vegas to Flagstaff wasn’t stressful enough for everyone.

Plus, she told them they had to move in less than 60 days. Aurora Brown then had a panic attack.

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the fights and the thought of another stressful move caused the worst panic attack Aurora has ever had.

Robyn Brown was distressed and Kody went to get Aurora and took her out of the room. Unfortunately, the producers said that the “stress” of the “Sister Wives” caused a worsening of panic attacks.

This means that putting the young girl on television for the whole world to see, and making her watch all the recent fights, is worsening her mental health.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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