Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown’s Drama and Stress.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown’s Drama and Stress.

The ‘Sister Wives‘ Spoilers drama is really going crazy these days. Kody Brown and his four wives have some problems within the household and Kody Brown and his wife Robyn Brown have some problems to solve.

It seems that Kody Brown wants to dissolve his partnership with Robyn and told the cameras that he just wanted to live in a house all by himself and live happily ever after. We got the scoop on what he wants and what Robyn Brown thinks about it.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown’s Drama and Stress.

It must be hard to be married to four women who all have very strong views and opinions. The relationship between Robyn and Kody Brown has been very intense lately and he’s been trying to get them all to live together in one house.

The wives don’t like that idea one bit and they fought along the way. Robyn Brown was very open with the cameras in last week’s episode. She said these two were having a very difficult time with their marriage. Being the younger wife, many fans have always thought she was the favorite, but things aren’t always what they seem on TV.

Sister Wives: Is Robyn Brown and Kody Brown’s Partnership Over.

Where did their issues begin? There have been many changes for the Brown family and many fans blame the transition to Flagstaff for the drama within the family unit. Robyn Brown and Kody Brown made promises before they moved and according to Robyn Brown, Kody has not yet fulfilled his part of the deal. Kody says it’s because they can’t decide on the house to buy, but the fans think their problems go deeper. Kody said that’s why he has to cut ties with Robyn for good.

The wives feel that Kody Brown does have a tendency to make decisions that are rash and only suit his needs and not his wives. Will he ever make decisions that don’t have a negative impact on the whole family? The fans of Sister Wives are pretty sick of him and really hope that one day he will realize that his wives have done nothing but support him and put him first.

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