Sister Wives: Are They Moving Back to Utah?

Sister Wives: Are They Moving Back to Utah?

Sister Wives spoiler finds that life is not easy when you are in a plural marriage. In fact, polygamy is illegal in every state in America. However, there are some states that have made it no longer a crime. One such state is their former home state, Utah. Does this mean the Brown family will return to Utah or will they continue to stay in Arizona? We have some news about what awaits them.

Utah’s Newest Law

It took the state quite a while, but in the end they decided to make polygamy just a crime and not a misdemeanor. Is it because of the different religions practiced in the state that they feel it is their heavenly duty to have more wives?

Fans of the Sister Wives feel that this might be the best thing to do for the Brown family. Kody Brown has always been an advocate of the law to change the punishment of polygamy. Now that this law has officially changed, is this what he needs to do to get his family back to Utah?

Are They Moving Back to Utah?

In Utah alone, there are about 30,000 people with polygamous relationships. The community is strong here and they are very open about their lives.

Polygamists can rest easy to serve their sentences in prison because since February 18 it is no longer a crime. Kody Brown had posted on Twitter about how his family would march to change the law and you can only imagine how happy the Browns were to hear that the law has changed.

Robyn Brown and Kody only went to Utah a few days after learning about the change in the law. The fans were curious to know why they were there.

Many fans thought they were searching land and homes in Utah to get home. Others thought they might have visited Aspyn Brown and her family. Do you think there might be another move? Things with the law have changed, and the Browns have already encountered some drama since they moved to Flagstaff. Speaking of Flagstaff, the property Kody bought has now increased in value, so could it be a good time for them to sell their property and move back to Utah?

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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