Sister Wives: Are The Other Sister Wives Jealous of Robyn?

Sister Wives: Are The Other Sister Wives Jealous of Robyn?

Christine recently threw some shade at her sister wife Robyn Brown, and all the drama was over some jewelry. Christine recently published an Instagram photo of a necklace, earrings and bracelet from the Kendra Scott jewelry line.

She titled the photo in question: “@kendrascott is probably my favorite jewelry company of all time. Thank you love! While it wouldn’t be a big deal under normal circumstances, Christine Brown posted the photo knowing full well that Robyn Brown has her own jewelry line.

Sister Wives: Are The Other Sister Wives Jealous of Robyn?

Maybe the shadow is due to some jealousy? It’s no secret among Sister Wives fans that Robyn Brown seems to be the “favorite” wife. In June, a source told The Sun: “She is absolutely his favorite wife.

They continued, “When I saw them, the looks they gave themselves, of course. Every new wife that comes along is the favorite. She is young, she is pretty, she is absolutely the favorite.

Not only that, but for a while Kody Brown was said to be in quarantine with Robyn Brown and not seeing the other wives. However, Janelle denied this, sharing photos of the family watching a sunset.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that things always go smoothly between his “favorite” wife Robyn and Kody Brown’s husband. In fact, there may be problems in Sister Wives’ Paradise. During a March episode of the TLC show, the D-bomb was dropped, which many would say you should never threaten your marriage.

That’s right. Divorce. Or, more technically, “disbanding”. Kody Brown and Robyn Brown had rented their house in Flagstaff, Arizona, only to find they had 60 days to leave because the owner was selling the place. This led to a massive fight between the two, and some bitter words were exchanged.

During the stressful period, Kody Brown said during a confessional, “I’m getting close to the point where I’m going to break up the company I have with her and go buy a house without her.

So, as usual with Kody, he has a tantrum to get what he wants. But, despite the drama of the house, it seems that Kody and Robyn are still going strong…

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. They need to sell Coyote Pass and simply buy 4 different homes and go on about their lives. Meri needs to stop waffling and inform the family that she’s no longer going to be a Sister wife and just be on her own, she can be self sufficient with her B&B and her LuLaRue business, and she doesn’t need to rely on whatever “his” name is…

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