Sister Wives: Janelle More Basic Than Co-Wives

Sister Wives: Janelle More Basic Than Co-Wives

Sister Wives star Janelle is quiet and unpretentious compared to her co-wives – but recent sacrifices on her part say a lot about her. When the camera zooms in on Janelle Brown or her house, nothing seems out of the ordinary. That is unless you compare her to the norm of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Janelle More Basic Than Co-Wives

When the Sister Wives tribe moved to Flagstaff, three out of four of the four wives went to luxury homes. Christine Brown immediately bought her house, while the other three wives opted to rent it. Robyn Brown ended up buying a house, but all the houses bought and rented by Kody Brown’s wives were like small estates. All except Janelle’s house.

Recent photos of Janelle’s family in her house seem to indicate that she lives in somewhat cramped neighborhoods. Also, some shots of her children in the kitchen seem to show that Janelle is only content with the basics.

There is nothing wrong with Janelle’s stove down here, because it seems to serve the purpose. Garrison Brown helps the mother of his sister wives prepare dinner. In the picture below – see Janelle Brown’s kitchen next to Robyn Brown’s, complete with a high-end stove.

Meri Brown rents her house for $4,500 a month. Compare that to Janelle’s rent for her smaller house which costs them $2,900 a month. The other two Sister Wives ladies pay the mortgage on their big houses.

But Janelle Brown, who now has at least four of her six kids at home during the pandemic, seems to have a somewhat crowded house. Yet when Janelle Brown needed to find a house in Flagstaff, it seems that she is the only wife in the Sister Wives clan who has looked at her pennies.

In the photos below, her kitchen and dining room seem crowded for a family her size. While three of her six children, Garrison Brown, Gabriel Brown, and Hunter Brown are clowning around in the kitchen, it’s easy to see how cramped it is for all of them. Plus, she has Savanah at home with Maddie Brown Brush and Logan Brown who live elsewhere. But that still brings four young adults into this home of Sister Wives.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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