Sister Wives: Meri’s Family Helps Out

Sister Wives: Meri’s Family Helps Out

Sister Wives cast member Meri Brown recently celebrated a huge milestone with her award-winning Utah Bed & Breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. While many members of Meri’s family came to help celebrate the epic feat, one person remained silent. It was her husband, Kody Brown, who walked away from her.

Sister Wives cast member Meri celebrates a proud moment for her bed-and-breakfast in Utah. She has posted on the official Instagram account of the B&B the huge milestone and exciting events at the Lizzie Heritage Inn that she had planned to celebrate.

Sister Wives: Meri’s Family Helps Out

Many members of Meri Brown’s family helped, including Mariah Brown and her fiancé Audrey Kriss. They both stopped at the B&B to help bake banana bread. Meri’s sister, Rebekah and her nephew helped run the TLC star Facebook group for LulaRoe.

As fans who have watched the TLC reality show know, when Meri asked Kody and the other sister wives to help support her dream, the answer was no. Sister Wives Kody refused to invest or support any of them because he argued that B&Bs were not profitable.

He clearly never lived in a tourist city. It is a big and thriving business where I live. All B&B’s are always fully booked, even during the COVID-19 quarantine if people would stay at home.

So, Meri had to do this all by herself and she made a success of it. Lizzie’s Heritage Inn is a great success, is consistently rated with five stars, is mentioned in magazines and has won awards. So, the least a decent person can do is say, “congratulations. But not Kody, of course.

Written by Meghan Mentell

Meghan Mentell is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Kody is a bum. It is beyond my understanding that any woman would want a life with him. he has no concept of real love and financial management. All he can do is make kids. I just wish Meri would pack up and go for good. He never cared for her and never will. she should be grateful she did not have more kids with him. I doubt he even cares for Robyn any more. Talk about a bunch of dysfunctional adults. Meri, please get out once and for all and run your business.

  2. Forget kody he’s just a womanizer and plays on their weaknesses. He didn’t want you to open your own business because he knows he won’t be able to control you anymore. You won’t need him To provide for you any more. Great job!!!

  3. Meri you are a strong individual. You can do anything you set your mind to do. You have made a success out of B&B. You go girl. Leave Kody butt and go on with your life. Find someone thats for you and will always be there for you and also love you unconditionally. You rock!!

  4. Good for you Meri I’m glad your business is doing well. Kody is jealous that he’s not apart of the B&B that’s why he’s not interested also how can he say he felt like he was trick into marrying you when it looks like he was really enjoying the wedding reception, I don’t see anything in his face that says he’s been tricked in those videos. It’s time you take care of you and try and forget about his feelings. He’s a manipulator.

  5. The only reason I watch this family is Meri ! She is so nice and has been treated badly Cody he has all of these kids and doesn’t even have any insurance on them .Christine is saddled with payments for her kids surgeries ! Why do you women put upwith him ? What does he do for a living?

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