Sister Wives: Meri and Robyn Vs Christine and Quiet Janelle?

Sister Wives: Meri and Robyn Vs Christine and Quiet Janelle?

Sister Wives celeb Kody looks as if his plans for an undivided family aren’t working out as well as he thought after hiring four women. Not only do the recent social media photos of the Brown family tell a story of division, but it goes even further back. It seems that the first big clue fell during the last episode of Sister Wives last season.

Starting with Robyn Brown, who according to some fans was Meri Brown’s way of sabotaging the family. However far this may sound, a group of people on the social media have questioned the matter. Meri Brown played a major role in Robyn’s entry into the family more than ten years ago.

A recent fan discussion online suggests that Meri Brown has taken revenge on Christine Brown and her co-wife Janelle Brown by welcoming Robyn Brown to the Sister Wives tribe. An online user writes: “It seems she brought Robyn in because she loathed the other women”.

Sure, maybe one user suggested that Meri Brown did. But the person who wrote this Sister Wives observation had many people who support this suggestion online. Veteran supporters of Kody and his women can remember things that have been said over the years.

As time passed, Sister Wives’ wives were quite frank about their feelings for each other. Janelle once moved with her children after Meri Brown pushed her over the edge. As one fan remembers other online viewers, Janelle Brown once called Meri Brown “abusive”.

Sister Wives: Meri and Robyn Vs Christine and Quiet Janelle?

Kody likes it when his wives all get along, but Robyn and Meri’s friendship was a bit too strong for his taste at one point. It was when they threw themselves at him sometimes. Christine and Janelle seem to work together nowadays as well.

It seems that Kody Brown’s house today is somewhat divided into two teams. Sister Wives Robyn and Meri vs. Sister Wives Janelle and Christine. The first hint in recent times that there is disagreement in the ranks emerged in the last episode of Sister Wives to air. That was last season.

Fans can remember the makeshift bench seat that came closest to a “Tell All” last season. Kody signed off for the season, but instead of four women, only two showed up.

When Kody Brown sat with his second and third wife, it was painfully clear that two women had dumped him. Robyn and the matriarch of the Brown family, Meri, were the missing wives of the sister wives.

Both wives had reason to be furious with their Sister Wives hubby. Kody Brown humiliated and reprimanded Meri for the episode before in the therapist’s office.

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  1. This is crazy this family is crazy sorry but I see number two and three as desperate I always have just how I viewed things Kody isn’t anything to write home about he doesn’t have a job he lives off these women and Merrie had enough of his abuse I believe and she shouldn’t have to share anything with any of them THEY ARE NOT MARRIED and she gets to keep her inn and her clothing money she owes the desperate ones nothing and she outdoes number three in the clothing biz because she’s much much more popular no one wants to hear three whine you knew what you were getting into and you’re not married to Kody either your spiritual crap isn’t legal anywhere and you all know it so as far as I’m concerned what happens is what you got commin and does anyone ever see these people in church cuz I don’t so stop throwing God around you wouldn’t know his word if it was written all over your many many faces #teammerri

  2. A phony reality show. Who knows what’s going on, maybe all is a ploy to get folks to keep watching the next season, even as these PR stories keep appearing. Meri seems to have built a life for herself and is maybe happier or more settled…except for the stupid cat fishing storyline…REALLY? As mentioned at the start, who knows and at this point, who cares?

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