Sister Wives: Christine Lends Kody a Hand

Sister Wives: Christine Lends Kody a Hand

Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems to have taken a new job to help Kody Brown in his struggle with his family’s finances. She seems to be following in the footsteps of her fellow woman, but with Christine Brown being Christine, she is trying to do better. Kody Brown’s third wife turns things upside down.

It’s no secret to Sister Wives fans that Kody Brown is in trouble when it comes to money. She made public her cash flow problems during the last seasons of the TLC reality series.

Sister Wives: Christine Lends Kody a Hand

Simply put, Kody Brown’s move from Las Vegas with the thought of a cheaper living situation in Flagstaff was unsuccessful. Now Christine Brown is yet another Sister Wives lady who comes forward and tries to rake in some dough to help Papa Brown.

This isn’t the first time Christine Brown has raised the bar to bring extra money to the Sister Wives family. A while ago she sold her LuLaRoe clothes telling fans that everything she does is for her daughter’s operation.

Without saying much more, Christine Brown let her Sister Wives followers know that raising $50,000 was her goal. She needed it as a down payment for the operation. Although it seemed to mean co-payment instead of a down payment. In any case, Christine Brown pushed her fans to buy, buy and buy something extra to help her cause.

It seems that Janelle Brown was the first of Sister Wives’ adults to sign up for Cameo’s videos. Celebrities, including many reality show stars, make these videos for fans. What they charge depends on the celebrity.

Sister Wives fans request a video and pay the price indicated by the star making the video. Prices vary from star to star. So, it seems that some people think their videos are worth much more than others. Some stars ask $100 or more and get them.

In Christine Brown’s case, it seems she feels like she’s worth more than her Sister Wives co-wife Janelle, because she outperformed her by five dollars. Janelle charges $30 per Cameo video and the asking price or Christine is $35.

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  1. Seriously… you have children who depend on you to keep them safe, but neither you nor the father of your children thought of health insurance…. for A CHILD? You get a ton of money for your TV show, but are asking others to pay for your negligence? That ain’t right

  2. What is Kody Brown doing to help out with the family’s FINANCIAL troubles!!!!! He wants to live a grandiose lifestyle instead of taking into consideration the wives and all the children he can’t take care. What would they do if the show is not renewed? He is only trying to be a star. Well baby, it’s not working. Live within your means. Meri has the right idea, run.

  3. You shouldnt have left Vegas, you may have had financial issues there but NOT as much as Flagstaff. Also seems the family is really more seperated than ever. At least in the cul de sac you all had your own owned houses not rented ones.

  4. It’s “criminal” that these kids have no medical insurance and haven’t for quite some time. Kody is a “Dead Beat” dad, and I use that term, dad, very loosely as he does nothing in the rearing of any of these kids. The lavish spending of these so called parents, is without a doubt, neglect and recklessness to say the least.
    For them to be publicized by TLC for this type of behavior is wrong on so many levels.
    You created these children and by doing so, made a commitment to care for them and their needs, especially their medical needs. Putting that burden and responsibility onto others is abandonment of their own needs. A $450,000 debt that is long overdue when living in half a million dollar plus houses is CRIMINAL!!!
    These children are forced to live with the decisions their inept parent made and the wounds of their lives that will eventually become scars from the mental, emotional and personal abuse which will have lasting effects on them for decades. Shame on all of you for exploiting them!!

  5. I watch the show just to try to understand their life style but I always wondered how they could afford to live like they do.

  6. Christine is a jealous woman…i don’t like her at all!! They all are crazy for having so many children they obviously can’t provide for!! Christine’s jabs at Robin was the last straw for me!!! Don’t watch anymore!!!

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