Sister Wives: Christine Is Taking A Vacation For Her Daughter’s Surgery

Sister Wives: Christine Is Taking A Vacation For Her Daughter's Surgery

Sister Wives star Christine Brown goes off the grid for almost a month when her daughter Ysabel undergoes back surgery. Christine Brown, revealed that she is going on vacation at her LuLaRoe clothing company from September 16 to October 11.

She said: “I’m not going to work at all. I’m going on vacation. There is a certain procedure that we have done and that I really can’t share with you. But I know you already know a little bit about it. I can’t talk about it because I can’t disclose it.

“But I’ll be gone, super excited about it. I won’t do lives, I’ll be on vacation.” Christine Brown is also traveling to North Carolina for 10 days in September to visit Maddie, her sister’s daughter, Janelle’s wife.

Maddie and her husband Caleb’s 1 year old daughter Evie, who suffers from FATCO Syndrome – a rare genetic disorder causing deformity of the limbs, underwent a foot amputation.

The rupture comes at a difficult time for the Brown family, who have had financial difficulties. In June, Christine Brown revealed she needed $50,000 for an advance on her daughter’s surgery.

Although Christine was unable to reveal which daughter is having the surgery, it is likely to be her daughter Ysabel, who suffers from scoliosis. In May, Ysabel confirmed that her scoliosis will be the plot for next season.

When a fan asked her if she had undergone spinal surgery, Ysabel replied: “No ma’am, but make sure you watch our program for updates:)))”. Christine thanked her followers for buying her clothing through LuLaRoe and encouraged them to continue as she had raised $25,000 in June.

In August, Christine Brown revealed that she took her 10-year-old daughter Truley to the hospital at age 3. But she had acute renal failure and dehydration, which left her hospitalized for 11 days.

Since Christine Brown and Kody Brown did not have insurance at the time, she was left with $450,000 in medical expenses.

Christine said there is a debt that may not be repaid because of Truley’s medical expenses. Christine still receives calls today to make payments on the debt.

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