Sister Wives: Kody’s Lack of Support

Sister Wives: Kody’s Lack of Support

Sister Wives’ star Meri Brown is still in Utah and Brown Family fans are wondering if she will ever return to Flagstaff, Arizona. Given everything that has happened, no one would blame her if Meri Brown had completely finished living in Arizona, as well as the fact that she is completely over husband Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Lack of Support

Sister Wives fans have noticed how Kody never seemed to support Meri Brown in everything she wanted to do. Not only that, but she always seemed to be the target whenever she was in a bad mood. When she asked if he and the other Sister Wives would invest in her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, Kody Brown flatly refused. He claimed there was no money in the B&Bs.

Recently, Sister Wives’ Meri celebrated the anniversary of the Lizzie Heritage Inn. The property was actually her grandmother’s home. It was celebrating its 150th anniversary and fans were overjoyed to hear the news.

However, Sister Wives’ Kody Brown could not even get a single “congratulations”. Now, it is clear that they are no longer together, but many former couples are polite enough to congratulate each other from time to time.

Kody’s first wife, Meri Brown, published a photo on social media. The background of the setting indicates that she is still in Utah and fans must wonder if she will stay there. After all, in Flagstaff, Arizona, does Meri Brown really have something to go back to?

In the Instagram post, Meri by Sister Wives called it a “happy place”. Although she talked about the fact that her womb was her dog’s happy place, we thought there was a more personal meaning for her. If she is happier away from Kody Brown and the other sister wives, then more power for her. Everyone deserves to be happy, stress-free and away from people who do not support them.

Written by Sarah Milner

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  1. Kody Brown refused to get involved with Meri’s B&B until it was ribbon cutting day. He was all smiles and sucking up the attention and Meri let him be part of it all. She should never have let him any where near the place or opening day celebration. I also think Meri isn’t important to Kody anymore because she was only able to have one child not the 5 or 6 the other wives did. Their relationship would be so different right now if Meri was a baby makin machine that Kody could keep pregnant and popping out kids. Then of course he would leave all responsiblity to Meri like how Christine is begging the public to pay for her daughter’s surgery.

  2. Kody is a deadbeat period his only concern is the lazy ass wife Robyn Meri is so much better off where she is all the negativity from the other members of Kodys cult had to be too much I’ve always been team because they think you’re cute you’re gross disgusting and the laziest man on tkc Meri always will be Hey Kody get a damn job you’re a lazy pathetic piece of garbage oh and you’re getting old and your hair is gross just grow up and support this family you had to produce you’re a creep and NO ONE wants you except the two women you continue to screw over by not making money

  3. Meri reached being an empty nesters far before any of the other wives and I don’t think any of the other understand the feelings and needs that come with it. She was looking for couples time and he just wasn’t open to giving her that.

  4. Good for Meri! No one seems to understand when Meri began to change. She made the ultimate sacrifice when she divorced Kody so he could marry Robin and adopt her kids. She was devastated. From then on it was like she fell off of Kodi’s radar. Total disregard for her and her feeling. I am so glad she is happy now and I pray she moves on. Kodi’s dictatorial decision to move to Flagstaff because HE wanted to was selfish and poorly planned out. He is an egotistical was. Love the Wives.

  5. plural marriage- nonsensical to me but to each their own. Any marriage with a loser/user like Kody Brown is mystifying. The man is a a pompous idiot w/o an ounce of common or financial sense. Hope Meri is truly free.of this narcissistic fool

  6. I think Meri is the pretties out of all the wives. And she was done dirty by the others. Jody is a sorry piece crap for how he treated Meri but he didn’t do the others like that.

  7. Let’s stop supporting this froyo. Don’t watch their show. Why pay them when Kody doesn’t support his own family. They use the government systems but don’t want to live by them. I’m sick of people like the Browns, the Duggars and all others like that. Let’s stand up to not paying for stupid people !

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