Sister Wives: Christine Follows

Sister Wives: Christine Follows

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown looks like she’s one up on two of her co-wives when it comes to placating Kody Brown’s troubles. Cody Brown is reportedly still in red with finances being the case as the new season films.

Sister Wives: Christine Follows

Kody Brown’s women have slowly entered the world of online sales. The original matriarch of The Sister Wives started selling the LuLaRoe brand. This means that they mainly work from home.

That was four years ago. But since then, Christine and some of the adult children have followed in Meri’s footsteps. Meri went all out with the sale. She became one of the company’s top sellers.

It’s not known where Christine or the children of Sister Wives are financially standing with their sales appearances. But Meri Brown looks like a rock star in comparison. That’s because of the time she spends selling her stuff.

Meri Brown’s constant sales seem to make Christine and the kids pale in comparison. Whether you’re pro-Meri or not, you have to admit she seems to be working hard.

Christine appears competitive when it comes to Kody’s attention. Now that their common husband is struggling with finances, the wife who pulls him out of it has to get some points for it. Or at least some sort of recognition from Kody Brown”.

It seems that Meri has resumed her game by selling clothes that she had previously worn during a live sale. Every piece she wore was accompanied by a little story. She talked about where she was when she wore it. Either she wore them during the Sister Wives show or during the live broadcast of one of her sales events.

Let’s face it, if a house that costs close to $1 million is bought out of the family’s shared money, then it is certainly within the realm of family money. The medical needs of a Brown family child would certainly come first.

So, one way or another, Christine, by asking her clients to increase the number of their purchases, really helped Kody Brown with that large sum of money for the surgery. If it hadn’t been increased, it would have come out of the family budget somewhere.

Christine Brown told all her followers that with every item they buy they help her pay for her daughter’s surgery. Did the followers of Sister Wives choose to buy from Christine instead of Meri Brown so they could help the daughter? Some fans wondered if this affected Meri Brown’s sales at the time.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

Hannah Gaynor is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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