Sister Wives: Christine Brown Throwing Shade At Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Throwing Shade At Robyn Brown

It’s no secret that the Sister Wives family has been in financial turmoil for a long time. From what it looks like, Christine Brown has taken the biggest hit and is actively trying to recover the lost money. However, in doing so, it seems that Kody Brown’s third wife is venting all her frustration on Robyn Brown.

Christine Brown has come too often live on Facebook and is actively trying to make sales. She needs money for Ysabel’s surgery and is paying off the debt she accumulated when Truely was in the hospital in intensive care.

She was three years old and had more than just a flu. They had to put Truely in the hospital and kept her under strict surveillance for a few days. But when the hospital bill came in, there was $450,000. She had no insurance at the time. Considering that this is a considerable sum, Christine Brown has a lot of debts to pay.

Fans are shocked that Kody Brown was more concerned about marrying Robyn Brown and changing states instead of making sure his daughter had health insurance. Also, he was in a hurry to marry Robyn Brown and adopt her children so that their insurance would not be affected!

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Throwing Shade At Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown is the owner of the jewelry line ‘My Sister Wife’s Closet’. Although there hasn’t been any activity in the store for some time, it is still active. This means that Robyn Brown can resume sales whenever she wants. However, Christine Brown is casting a shadow over her sister Wife and has not been able to be very discreet about it.

She recently published a photo of a bracelet, earrings and necklace, thanking her daughter Aspyn for the gift. She yelled at Kendra Scott and called them her favorite jewelry company. Fans quickly realized what Christine Brown did. Considering Robyn gets everything, including Kody, health insurance for her kids and so on, can we blame Christine for letting out a little frustration?

Katrina of Without a Crystal Ball thinks that Christine Brown also rejected the idea of the one house just because she didn’t want to see Robyn. She is the only one with whom Kody seems to have a romantic relationship.


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