Sister Wives: Christine Brown Throwing Shade At Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Throwing Shade At Robyn Brown

It’s no secret that the Sister Wives family has been in financial turmoil for a long time. From what it looks like, Christine Brown has taken the biggest hit and is actively trying to recover the lost money. However, in doing so, it seems that Kody Brown’s third wife is venting all her frustration on Robyn Brown.

Christine Brown has come too often live on Facebook and is actively trying to make sales. She needs money for Ysabel’s surgery and is paying off the debt she accumulated when Truely was in the hospital in intensive care.

She was three years old and had more than just a flu. They had to put Truely in the hospital and kept her under strict surveillance for a few days. But when the hospital bill came in, there was $450,000. She had no insurance at the time. Considering that this is a considerable sum, Christine Brown has a lot of debts to pay.

Fans are shocked that Kody Brown was more concerned about marrying Robyn Brown and changing states instead of making sure his daughter had health insurance. Also, he was in a hurry to marry Robyn Brown and adopt her children so that their insurance would not be affected!

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Throwing Shade At Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown is the owner of the jewelry line ‘My Sister Wife’s Closet’. Although there hasn’t been any activity in the store for some time, it is still active. This means that Robyn Brown can resume sales whenever she wants. However, Christine Brown is casting a shadow over her sister Wife and has not been able to be very discreet about it.

She recently published a photo of a bracelet, earrings and necklace, thanking her daughter Aspyn for the gift. She yelled at Kendra Scott and called them her favorite jewelry company. Fans quickly realized what Christine Brown did. Considering Robyn gets everything, including Kody, health insurance for her kids and so on, can we blame Christine for letting out a little frustration?

Katrina of Without a Crystal Ball thinks that Christine Brown also rejected the idea of the one house just because she didn’t want to see Robyn. She is the only one with whom Kody seems to have a romantic relationship.

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  1. What do these women need with Kodi he is not helping them financially even though they’re not married the kids are his and should be covered by his insurance they need to dump him and get a life good for Meri for getting out

  2. I get aggravate at Christine sometimes but I understand her on this one. They’ve had more trouble since Robin came. First All those kids and Robin keeps having more. 2 They spend more money on Robin. She gets bigger houses and all of Kodys attention. Its so sad to see these people live this life.It is not Biblical.

  3. The so called Sister Wives are nothing short of being fools. Apparently Robyn is the only one who is legally married to Kody. Her children have health insurance. Janelle and Christine’s kids do not. They are all in debt that would scare the living day lights out of me. Yet they preach the benefits of plural marriage. Christine and Kody owe thousands of dollars on medical bills…yet they buy Christine a house. I could go on and on but it is obvious not one of them understands they chose this sick life style and to put themselves out there to make a buck. Sorry Christine. I feel for your children and their health issues but you chose to have those kids with Kody the clown. Get a real job. Insist Kody get a real job. Hit him up for child support. In other words, get real. It is not up to the public to pay for your families medical bills. I do not feel sorry for any of the wives. The chose to have kids with the idiot and put them in front of the world. Have extravagant weddings, parties etc. And then expect us to see them as a loving and happy family. Hogwash. As for Robyn, the day with come when the Clown tires of her and he will add another dumb woman to his flock of nitwits.

  4. Dump him because he’s not worth it! There are plenty of men that would do anything to have a wife like you and would be willing to help you out with the insurance problems. Kody is a self centered egotistical jerk.

  5. I don’t understand why they don’t all leave Kody. He’s no kind of husband if he’s not providing for them. Yhe Bible charges the husband to take care of his wife/wives not the other way around. They just all need to leave him and let him deal with the financial mess he made.

  6. Now, the truth comes out. Cody’s the lying bastard he’s been made out to be. He didn’t marry Robyn, so her kid’s could have insurance and a father. If that were the case all of the kid’s would be insured. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he is using welfare to insure at least Robyns kids. You put 2 and 2 together and get 4,but not in Cody’s case. It sounds like he doesn’t carry car insurance either. If he did they wouldn’t have had to come up with money on the wreak his son was in. He is no damn good and they all need to get away from his no good ass.

  7. I do not blame Christine. I quit watching this show when I realized that Kody was just an egotistical, narcissistic man, who loved himself more than his wives and children. A person who makes sure that he has a new wife and an over the top “wedding” for a 4th wife, before taking care of his child, ladies, he is an “L” – LOSER. Meri is doing great, moving away from him and the busybodies. I could not believe that there was not an ounce of caring from any of the adults where Meri choose the internet because she was lonely and going through empty nesting. None of them could understand, but if they had taken their heads out of their asses long enough to understand, and help, Heavenly Father would have heaped blessings upon them.

  8. I would NOT quote anything from Katrina at WOACB, she doesn’t do much research, and is slanderous. If she says the sky is blue, I’d go outside and look.

  9. Robyn it’s forever trying to play the victim yet she reaps all the benefits as do her children. Mary was smart for getting away and I hope her business is a success as for Janelle and Christine they should follow Mary’s lead and leave and hit Kody up for child support. The state wold insure the children had insurance and go after Kody for the cost.

  10. The Bible has simple straight responsibilities for how the father and husband is to behave but Kodi cares more about himself than his children and first 3 wives. He should not be having more kids if “ALL” of them are not stable and secure. And there should be no favorites among the wives, he is useless and the wives are better off on their own and making him get a real job and pay child support.

  11. Meri ended up being catfished because she was lonely. Her only child had left and her “husband” was sleeping with his mistresses and fathering more children. None of this so called one family rallied round to help or support her. They did band together when they found out what had happened but only to disapprove. From the day Robyn came into Kodys life this family was done. He fell in love instead of just trying to collect wives. If he could he get rid of the other three and be monogamous he would.

  12. Cody and Robin deserve each other.the other wife’s need to leave and let these two live in misery alone he wanted all of these wife’s to make his living because he’s lazy.notice all of the older kids left home as soon as they could .it was a great show before Robin all she wants is the attchion

  13. Why wouldn’t ALL of Kody’s children be on his health insurance. You dont have to be a married couple for your children to be on their parents insurance.

  14. I think Kody is a jerk for playing with their hearts. What does he do with ALL THE MONEY FROM THE SHOW? Ladies, cut your losses and move on while you are still young and still look good. He doesn’t appreciate you 3. It’s obvious Robyn is the one. He needs you other 3 to help pay bills.

  15. I love Meri. I would have left that jackass a long time ago. Robyn, I can’t stand never have and never will. She makes me sick every time starts to cry over every little thing. Give me a break!! And who made her the spoke person of the wives. Biggest mistake the wives made was moving to AZ they should have stayed in Las Vegas. As for Jody, I can’t stand to listen to him talk. He’s an idiot!!

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