Sister Wives: Christine Brown Struggling To Make Sales

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Struggling To Make Sales

We already know how much the Brown family is suffering financially. Fans have many questions about why the family is in such a monetary mess. But this time Christine Brown has turned to social media for clarification. She revealed some shocking details about the Brown family’s finances and pointed out the lack of support from Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Struggling To Make Sales

In recent months, Christine Brown has hosted several Facebook lives in one week, sometimes in one day to sell. She is trying to raise as much money as possible for her daughter’s procedure. Even Janelle has now started to support herself.

When Truely was 3 years old, she had to go to the emergency room. What Christine Brown initially thought was a flu turned out to be a kidney infection. As a result, the child was in intensive care for a long time. At that time she had no insurance and her hospital bill was about to expire.

On her return, the hospital bill amounted to about $450,000. Christine Brown even told Truely how expensive the stay was. But she also says it was worth it, since her daughter is in good health. She now has health insurance and won’t make the same mistake. The surprising thing is that they didn’t have one at the time. Considering that they were building expensive houses, it is bizarre that they gave luxury a higher priority than basic necessities.

The whole incident happened around the same time that Kody was divorcing Meri Brown and marrying Robyn Brown. He was in a hurry, so that Robyn’s children’s insurance would not be affected. But it is shocking that he was more concerned about this than having health insurance for his daughter. He insured the adopted children he had with Robyn, but not his six biological children.

Although most fans sympathize with Christine Brown, they think it was wrong of her to tell Truely about the expenses. Later, he compensated for it by telling her it was worth it. But the guilt was not necessary.

This makes it clear why Christine Brown has had so many problems with Robyn Brown in the past. On top of that, she was supposed to be the last wife Kody ever had, but then Robyn Brown came along. In fact, Christine has recently cast a bit of a shadow over Robyn.


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