The View: Fans react to Meghan McCain’s absence

The View: Fans react to Meghan McCain’s absence

Meghan McCain was significantly removed from The View on Monday. The conservative co-host was not present at the “Hot Topics” table and Deborah Roberts replaced her. Whoopi Goldberg spoke of McCain’s absence early in the hour, informing the audience that she would be back Tuesday. Fans went to social media to speculate and add their own opinion about McCain missing from the show.

The View: Fans react to Meghan McCain’s absence

When viewers noticed that Meghan McCain was not on the panel, they immediately went on Twitter to make their views known to the world.

“Meghan McCain is gone,” a fan tweeted. “No shrill voice today. Deborah Roberts is a guest guest. Hooray!” “No Meghan McCain, I can actually watch,” a viewer added.

“When Meghan McCain is gone, I can actually tolerate this show,” one Twitter user noted. “I like the show a lot more when Meghan McCain is gone,” said another fan. “I never need to use the mute button or change the channel.”

Meghan McCain also went on Twitter to talk about his absence and to calm people down.

“People don’t really need to write conspiracy pieces every time they’re out of The View for 24 hours,” he tweeted. “It’s mentally and emotionally exhausting and I’ve dealt with it many times in the past. I’ll see you tomorrow.” “Unless the aliens who abducted me have decided not to let me go…

The View: McCain is excited for Hasselbeck

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was confirmed as a guest co-host of The View on 11 March. The former Republican commentator paved the way for young conservative women to have a say. Meghan McCain was inspired by her tenacity to confront opposing political views and said he would “give up his chair” for her.

“She’s the only woman I would give up my chair for,” Meghan McCain said on March 4. “She can sit in the Conservative chair at any time. She’s OG. I love her.”

Although many may think that Meghan McCain and Hasselbeck cannot exist and interact in the same space, the former really admires the latter. In March 2019, Hasselbeck was a guest on the show, and McCain was springing for his greatness.

“How in God’s name has he been doing this for 10 years? To be the only conservative on this show is… I’ve always had respect for you. When I arrived on my first day I said, ‘I want to emulate Elizabeth, because you really were the OG of this place,” said McCain.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. I have not watched the view for a very long time because of the disgusting people on it! Joy behar. Whoopi Goldberg. When they get their nasty self’s off the show it would be a watchable show!

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