Sister Wives: Christine Brown Returns To Instagram With A Photo From Flagstaff

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Returns To Instagram With A Photo From Flagstaff

Sister Wives fans have learned, through Christine Brown and Kody Brown’s daughter Mykelti, that a kind of family emergency has arisen. In a series of short videos on Facebook, she said Christine had a problem in Utah, but couldn’t say what. However, she noted that it had nothing to do with Kody, the children or next of kin. After Instagram’s silence for a while, Christine resurfaced on Wednesday.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Returns To Instagram With A Photo From Flagstaff

Christine Brown was silent on social media for a while, but she reappeared Wednesday night. She shared a photo of herself on Flagstaff and titled it “March FORTH! My favorite date of the year! Some fans wondered if it was her birthday. Others wondered if that was the day she moved into her house in Flagstaff. But, she used the #marchfourth tag and tagged LuLaRoe. The Urban Dictionary reminds people that it’s a day when you celebrate by working to “make your dreams come true”.

Some Sister Wives fans were hoping that the family emergency was over and things were good now. A little bit, it’s still not clear that she’s back home. Some people think it might be an old photo. One fan commented, “That’s the house Christine originally bought when they moved in. You can only tell where it is from on the back porch.” The next photo she shared showed the cat on the roof, and some people noticed that it looks like a different house in a suburb somewhere.

Christine rushed to Utah

TV Shows Ace reported that shortly after Mykelti announced his mother’s emergency, Kody Brown posted a picture of himself grabbing a pizza at St. George. So, this seems to confirm that he accepted whatever the emergency was. As Mykelti later noticed that the emergency was not filmed, some people asked if Christine was okay.

TV Shows Ace reached out to a source who suggested that he is only there to celebrate the new polygamy laws for the state. But, as All About The Tea commented that Mykelti said, “it’s still kind of a terrible situation, you’ll never know the details of it”. So that sounds like it’s a little more of an emergency for the Sister Wives star than just a meeting to celebrate something.

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