Sister Wives: Kody Brown yells at Robyn

Sister Wives: Kody Brown yells at Robyn

Sister Wives fans see a bunch of women at odds with each other this season. They also see the downside of polygamy, because Kody Brown wants a huge house for them all. It seems even Robyn is in trouble these days. None of them agree on the big house he wants, and Kody Brown seems to blame Meri Brown for all his misery. Fans get tired of the endless story, and they get irritated that Meri is always the one who blames Kody. They haven’t moved to the big house yet, so where do they live?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown yells at Robyn

Kody Brown doesn’t love Meri anymore. Okay, some fans think, “enough. Meri just goes away and goes your way.” But she insists on being the bad person in Kody’s life. And, fans know the other women really don’t like her. Kody Brown seems to encourage divorce between his wives. In fact, he yelled at Robyn to tell her not to stand up for Meri.

Sister Wives fans heard that Kody now regrets his polygamous lifestyle. TV shows Ace reported. After complaining about Meri Brown and her role in dividing up the women, Kody Brown said he doesn’t like it when the women spend time together. That seems a little odd to see him wanting them all under one roof. In a camera interview he said, “I’m struggling with multiple marriage and I’m struggling with my wives and I’m struggling with their conflict”.

Sister Wives: Where do the wives live at the moment?

During the last year or so, different points of sale kept an eye on the different women. Robyn and Kody Brown bought a mansion, and he seems to live there with Meri’s usurper as his first wife. Meanwhile, Monsters and Critics remind their readers that Christine Brown also lives in her own house, a “three-bed, three-bath house”. Meanwhile, after Meri left her original rent in Flagstaff and returned briefly to Las Vegas, she returned and lives in a large house that may or may not be a rented house.

It is interesting to see all these properties on top of the large payment Kody made for the large piece of land on the Coyote pass. According to Kody Brown on the Sister Wives show, their finances seem to be in a very bad position. Fans seem less than impressed with Kody and his treatment of Meri Brown this season. A lot of comments about her are pushed into the wings, and the way Kody talks to her gets on their nerves.

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