Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Agrees – Wives With More Than One Husband?

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Agrees - Wives With More Than One Husband?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown looks as if she is performing her game as the voice of reason within her family as her co-owners become unmanageable. Kody Brown’s second wife tends to record it all before she gives her opinion.

But in the next episode it seems that Janelle doesn’t have the luxury of time, as everyone sits at each other’s throats. The TLC previews indicate that in the next episode of Sister Wives there is a fight lurking like no other.

Lurking on the sidelines it may have worked for Janelle in the past. But it seems she sees the need to be more proactive with her Sister Wives spouses these days. One might even say that there is a new disconnected Janelle as she tackles the collapse of her Sister Wives’ plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Agrees – Wives With More Than One Husband?

Did this quiet Sister Wives celebrate a number of different ideas? It certainly sounds like Janelle Brown has some thoughts of her own when it comes to marriage.

It seems that after a few decades as Kody Brown’s wife, Janelle, 50, is thinking about a different family dynamic for a Sister Wives woman. Or at least she knows enough about it to answer her fans questions about a different kind of multiple marriage.

Janelle argues that the paradigm of her Sister Wives family doesn’t recognize a single woman with multiple husbands. But she explains how some women do have multiple husbands.

But the real surprise comes when you find out that Janelle agrees. She argues that as long as it is between consenting adults and there is no fraud or abuse, people should have the right to choose.

So what’s going on in this family? Robyn Brown recently talked about a person’s right to leave a marriage, Kody doubts his marriage structure, and now Janelle offers different ideas than traditional plural marriage. This is for Sister Wives’ cameras, so what happens if the cameras don’t roll?

Brown Family Battle Ensues

The Sister Wives previews for this Sunday’s show indicate that Janelle is worried about the division of the land of the Coyote Pass. She is worried that it won’t satisfy all the women. It seems that she is right, because the TLC previews say that the women are fighting over the different building plots.

So, it sounds like Janelle sees this coming for her co-owners. Of course, this is after Kody’s one-home idea got bogged down by his wives. So if the Sister Wives clan gets unglued Sunday night, it looks like Janelle is sitting in the front and trying to bring them back in.

The common man, Kody Brown, is already tainted by his polygamy lifestyle. He even wonders if this is still his life. It seems that a lot falls on Janelle Brown’s shoulders in the next episode. It even sounds as if she still has to deal with the fallout in real time today.

Janelle will more than likely be the voice of reason in the mess that will unfold on the screen. But it doesn’t sound like she can approach this in her usual calm pose. With the family that seems to implode, it seems that Janelle will probably have to fight fire with fire.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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