Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shoots Down Kody

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shoots Down Kody

Sister Wives star Meri Brown and husband Kody Brown’s marriage has practically fallen apart. Although Meri and Kody remain spiritually married, they are actually legally divorced. Fans saw the divorce as Meri’s golden parachute from the plural marriage. But Meri is a born and raised polygamist. So regardless of her marriage issues with her shared husband, she is committed to the family as a whole.

The move to Flagstaff did not go well for the Kody Brown and his sisters. In fact, all the women except Christine have moved more than once in the little over a year since they arrived in Arizona. Meri is now looking at her third move. Then she shares with the other husbands the offer Kody made her, which she refused outright.

Meri Shoots Down Kody

Sister Wives’ celebrity Meri Brown wants more of a relationship with her husband Kody Brown. After the catfish scandal, the couple are struggling to rebuild the semblance of marriage. In fact, the other women often doubt Meri’s dedication to the family. However, Meri made the move to Flagstaff with the whole family and sold her Las Vegas house. So she is clearly dedicated to the family she has been a part of from day one.

However, the living situation is a disaster for all ‘Sister Wives’ except Christine Brown. Each of them has, unfortunately, had to move out of their original rent. Now both Robyn Brown and Meri are looking for new places to feel at home, while their land on the Coyote Pass remains undeveloped. Kody Brown proposed to Meri to buy a house instead of renting it. Well, Meri quickly turned down this offer. It seems shocking that a woman trying to regain her husband’s affection would shoot him, but still Meri does.

Meri Feels They’re Not A Family

Sister Wives alum Meri Brown doesn’t feel like a family anymore since the big move from La Vegas to Flagstaff. The women and their children all live in separate houses, miles apart from each other. The younger children seem to only see their brothers and sisters at school or at a rare family gathering.

The idea was to split up for a year at the most before the ‘Sister Wives’ would build their houses on their piece of heaven. But because it took so long to sell their houses in Vegas, they were forced to live apart for longer. Christine Brown is the only woman who settled because she bought a house from the beginning. But Janelle Brown has moved for the second time, Robyn is about to do the same, and Meri will move for the third time.

Meri’s refusal to buy a house and not rent shows her dedication to reuniting the family. The same goes for Janelle’s decision to rent again. As we know, however, Robyn Brown chooses not to rent again, but to buy a house of almost a million dollars with Kody. It really shows which Sister Wives are committed to their multiple marriages and which are not.

Kody Brown Is The Cause Of Division Among Spouses

The plan of Patriarch Kody Brown of Sister Wives to let all his women live under one roof was rejected by his wives.

In fact, their united front and their ability to deal with each other is now the cause of the questioning of his faith. Now in the latest video above Kody is looking to create a dividing line with his wives again about the living situation. This time it is not about the one house, but about the question of what fate each woman should build her own house.

Meri Brown as first wife should be chosen first. That makes sense. But it seems that Kody Brown wants Robyn Brown to be the first to choose. After all, he says she has had to pick up the remains of the other house for years. Robyn, of course, wants to make everyone happy. Moreover, Christine Brown soon points out that this quarrel is really about the problems between Kody and Meri and not about the real estate.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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