Sister Wives: Kody Brown Doesn’t Like It When His Sister Wives Hang Out Together

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Doesn’t Like It When His Sister Wives Hang Out Together

Most fans are aware that the sister wives are not even as close as they seem. Some have even accused the women of leaving Meri Brown out of the family moments. In a revealing new interview, Kody Brown hinted that he would prefer it if his wives didn’t hang out together.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown doesn’t like it when his sister wives hang out together

As Us Weekly reported, Kody Brown made some shocking revelations about his multiple marriage in the upcoming episode of Sister Wives. He said he’s not excited to spend his Sister Wives time together. He doesn’t think they get along as well as they used to.

“When I was younger, I used to enjoy watching my wives go out and play and have fun together. I’m exhausted, I think,” revealed Kody in an upcoming sneak peek.

The star of Sister Wives also revealed the “struggle” associated with multiple marriages. He feels that tensions have increased over the years, not only among the sister women, but also with him. Kody feels that there are more differences of opinion than in the past.

“I don’t see plural marriage in the same light as before. I wrestle with plural marriage and I wrestle with my wives and I wrestle with conflicts. We are now in a phase of our lives where we are far apart and we are wrestling with each other.

In another scene, Kody sees his four wives making snow angels together. A totally healthy moment that most polygamous husbands would find cute. But Kody feels “cynical” about the women playing in the snow. He knows he shouldn’t feel that way, especially when they have 18 children together.

Sister Wives: Meri reveals her struggles of being in a plural marriage

Earlier in the series Meri Brown talked about her own difficulties to be in a multiple family, as reported by Us Weekly. She admitted that she was kicked out of her rented house because she was part of a multiple family. The Sister Wives star certainly didn’t feel welcome in her new neighborhood. She became emotional when she talked about the reality of being kicked out of her house.

Meri Brown said the owner of the house was aware of their unique marriage. Meri Brown revealed that both herself and Kody were up-front and honest with the owner throughout the process. Everything about their situation was also revealed in the contracts. Kody said that the decision to leave the house was “not up to the owner”. It was rather the decision of him and Meri Brown. They obviously didn’t feel welcome there, so they didn’t want to stay.

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