Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Once Again Differs From The Other Wives

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Once Again Differs From The Other Wives

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is having a hard time coming to terms with the sale of her Las Vegas house. Robyn was the last woman to put her house on the dead end of dreams for sale.

But Robyn was the first woman to have her house sold. So she’s feeling a little funk. There’s no turning back. One of the four houses is gone forever, so now they’re going to work their new life in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The Sister Wives don’t agree on how they want to live as a family. Kody Brown wants them all to consider living in one big house, but only one woman seems to be completely on board with his vision. So while Kody Brown’s four wives get together to spend some time with their quality sister to make some vision tips, they talk about their future living situation.

Robyn Believes In The Power Of Vision Boards

Sister Wives celebrity Robyn had a pretty extensive vision board before she joined the family. During the time she lived in Nebraska, she saw herself joining a multiple family on her board of directors, becoming a New York Times bestselling author, and changing the world. Robyn believes all three of them came true. So now that the four shared wives of Kody Brown are coming together to create their new vision boards, Robyn Brown knows how powerful what they could have on the future of their family.

One of the main focuses of Sister Wives Robyn Brown’s new vision board will be how she sees the living situation of the family. She is torn asunder if she should support Kody Brown’s dream of having all his women under one roof. Keep in mind that Robyn has never shared a home with her co-owners since she joined the family. So her opinion doesn’t come from experience. Usually Robyn stands firm in Kody Brown’s corner. But this time she really feels the family is a divided house.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Once Again Differs From The Other Wives

Sister Wives’ second wife Janelle Brown is the most rational of Kody’s wives. She sees things from a more business perspective. It is therefore no surprise that she sees the value of the communal home. From a financial point of view it makes sense. Moreover, it ensures family unity and the possibility for the younger siblings to have the same kind of childhood as their older siblings who grew up together in the same house.

Janelle Brown makes it clear that she does not believe in the power of a vision board. So she’s just there to spend time with her fellow women who are clearly believers. Janelle sees things differently from the others, but still wants to be part of the family activity. Nowadays she is Kody’s perfect sister woman.

Christine Brown Says Big House Belongs On Kody Brown’s Board Not Hers

Sister Wives’ third wife, Christine Brown, is fiercely opposed to sharing the living space with the other women. She has selfish reasons for her decision. She just loves herself more as a wife, mother and sister-wife when she has her own space. She says she is happy to live next to these ladies forever, but never under the same roof again.

In fact, when they make their vision boards, Christine Brown says hers will have her house on it and not Kody’s dream house. In addition, she says that the big house on Kody’s and Janelle’s visi boards belongs, maybe Meri and or Robyn’s but certainly not hers.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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