Sister Wives: Kody Brown Insists Las Vegas Was Never The Family’s Long-Term Landing Spot

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Insists Las Vegas Was Never The Family’s Long-Term Landing Spot

Kody Brown’s four wives aren’t the only ones tired of the family drama. Fans of the family’s show, Sister Wives, finally summon the family’s patriarch to his erratic behavior, and much of their irritation stems from his inability to decide where he wants to live. Kody, however, insists that there is nothing “strange” about his choices. Let’s take a look and figure it all out.

Kody Brown and his four wives moved to Las Vegas, reportedly, under legal pressure. The alternative family reported that they would be prosecuted in Utah for life as a multiple family and that they left the state in the dead of night to avoid the issue. A family insider claims the story is an absolute lie. Kristyn Decker, who is related to Kody’s third wife, Christine Brown, claims that they had plans to move to Vegas long before they did. Decker, who spoke to Radar Online, was once part of the polygamistic sect to which the Browns belong. Since then, she’s left the movement.

Decker apparently confirmed the family wasn’t planning on living in Las Vegas for too long. Reddit users have suggested that the Brown family intended to stay in Vegas until it was fiscally impossible to do so. It is possible that the clock is running out, and their quick move to Flagstaff had more to do with potential upcoming balloon payments on their mortgages, rather than an overwhelming desire to move to Arizona. Neither Kody nor his wives have commented on the type of mortgages they have purchased for the four houses they bought in Las Vegas, but the fans’ hypothesis would explain their hurry.

Sister Wives: No one can agree on the Flagstaff property

Kody Brown’s a lot of things, and scattered is definitely one of them. The family with 18 children and five husbands doesn’t seem to be in line with their future living situation, and that seems to be mainly Kody Brown’s fault. When the family bought the house that would one day house their “forever home”, neither Kody Brown nor his four wives had any idea what they would do with it. While all four wives seem to agree that separate houses make the most sense for their current interactions, Kody Brown believes that one expansive home would suit their needs.

Kody Brown’s vision includes a house set up expressly for his polygamist needs. While that might seem like an excellent idea if the family was planning to live in Flagstaff forever, fans point out that Kody Brown, once again, isn’t thinking about long-term prospects, and could be sending his family towards financial ruin. Kody Brown refuses to commit to Flagstaff as his “forever home,” much to the chagrin of his fourth and legal wife, Robyn Brown.

It took the family over a year to finally unload the four houses they owned in Las Vegas, which were separate homes. It seems that a large house with separate wings would be quite difficult to sell to the people of Flagstaff, where polygamy is not particularly widespread. If the Brown family decides to move again, it seems that they will follow their typical pattern of moving before the house they own is sold.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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