Sister Wives: Janelle Shocks The Spouses

Sister Wives: Janelle Shocks The Spouses

Sister Wives‘ second wife Janelle Brown is surprisingly the only woman who fully supports Kody Brown’s plans. Her support comes as a shock to most fans. Most would have thought that Robyn or Christine would be Kody’s greatest cheerleaders. But they both have the opposite opinion than Janelle. Meri Brown decided not to say anything and to watch her co-owners vent their feelings. Looks like she had the right idea.

Janelle Brown is very practical about money and finances. So her support probably comes from the savings factor that a family brings with it. Also, she and her six children have a good memory of all the siblings and mothers living together. According to Janelle, the way the family has spread out in houses miles apart is destroying their family culture. All of the Browns under one roof would surely unite them and create the bonds that younger siblings currently lack.

Christine Refuses To Cohabitate Ever Again

Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine Brown, is adamant that she will never live with her sister wives again. She vehemently opposes sharing quarters with the ladies she shares her husband with. Christine Brown says she would like nothing more than to be their neighbor forever but never again their roommate.

Her reasons are very selfish. According to the mother of six children, she likes the person she is when she’s in control of her living environment. It’s clear that Christine doesn’t have the family’s best interests at heart, only her own. However, as Kody Brown says, she has to lead the family and they may not like her choices, but everyone follows where you go. So there is a high probability that with Janelle’s help she can influence others in her grand plan for the house. But for now, the Sister Wives clan remains a divided house.


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