Sister Wives: Kody Opens Up On Some Personal Stuff

Sister Wives: Kody Opens Up On Some Personal Stuff

When Kody Brown was asked to mention one thing he liked most about every woman, he only had a moment to answer. The 18-year-old Sister Wives father was also asked to rattle off the names of all his children. And he did it – with a list from the oldest to the youngest with little murmur. So, gold stars on that.

Kody Brown also said he’s discussing another attempt at fatherhood. But, he also admitted that it’s unlikely, but he said he needs a follow-up with Robyn Brown. The head of the Sister Wives clan said they need to consider whether her body can handle another pregnancy.

Kody Brown also shared that neither he nor one of the Sister Wives expect their children to follow in their footsteps in the plural. Also, Kody Brown talked about why Meri Brown has such a big house all to herself. Kody explained that Meri uses the space for her business, but it was even by chance that they had it.

Apparently, Meri’s house is cheaper to rent than the other wives’. So when she hit the rental market, the price was right. So, the first wife of the sister wives took it. It’s also big enough for the whole family to meet, so that’s also an advantage.

Sister Wives: What Does Kody Brown Love About Meri and Janelle?

Then, Liz Luda asked Kody Brown (and he hesitated briefly) to name the one thing he loves about every wife. But then, in an instant, he made a list from the first wife to the last. So, he started with Meri Brown. And, what Kody Brown said about the original spouse of the Sister Wives might surprise you. Especially since he gave her a hard time for a few seasons on that catfish scam.

Now, Kody Brown says he loves the “loyalty” he sees in Meri Brown. It’s a little weird, considering he questioned her about moving with the Sister Wives family in Flagstaff. Even when she said yes, he still wasn’t sure. Besides, Meri Brown has been getting a little cold feet from her fellow Sister Wives for the past few seasons. But she’s still part of the family. So maybe that’s the loyalty that Kody Brown meant.

Then Kody mentioned Janelle Brown. What she said should be what the viewers of Sister Wives expect. Kody loves Janelle’s “intellect.” He recently said on Sister Wives that he can talk to Janelle as one of his friends. She’s also his point person to help him solve his financial problems.

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