Sister Wives: Details On Meri Brown’s “Mansion”

Sister Wives: Details On Meri Brown’s “Mansion”

Sister Wives star Meri Brown‘s Flagstaff rental has her co-wives green with envy. Meri Brown finally rejoins the family in Flagstaff after spending the summer in her Las Vegas home. Her previous rent in Flagstaff fell through at the last minute. So she returned to Nevada while looking for the perfect new place to call home in Flagstaff.

After three months Meri Brown rented a mansion. In fact, her spacious digs for just herself sparked envy among her fellow Sister Wives. And, the house has some very unique and fun features that the family was in awe of. This is what we know about Meri’s Flagstaff mansion.

Meri Brown Spends Summer Alone In Las Vegas

Sister Wives’ first wife Meri Brown spent the summer at her old Vegas house after a run-in with police at her original rental caused that landlord to terminate her lease. Meri Brown could have fought to enforce the conditions, but decided she didn’t want to live in a situation in which she and her family were not welcome. So, staying in Nevada for the summer was a good solution.

After all, Sister Wives’ family paid the mortgages on all their Vegas homes. So why don’t you let Meri Brown live in her old house and keep an eye on the empty houses? Plus, those three months she was without a double residence, saved Kody Brown and the family almost $9,000.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown’s Rental Makes Christine Brown Jealous

The rental Meri Brown ended up with is more like a mansion than a house. The spacious home sparked envy from the other Sister Wives when Meri gave them a tour.In fact, Kody Brown’s third wife Christine Brown was the most awesome. She said her entire first floor would fit into Meri’s bedroom. No doubt she was jealous of a full display.

However, Meri Brown’s quick to say to the camera in her interview that the rent at her new place was only $175 more per month than her original rent. She goes on to say that the second house had three times the amenities for that extra price. So it was a really good price. And let’s not forget how much money Meri Brown saved the family by staying behind in Las Vegas for those few months.

Details On Meri’s “Mansion”

Meri Brown certainly rented herself quite the palace. The Sister Wives matriarch’s new abode is certainly more than house than she needs. Since, it is just her living there. But she does run her very lucrative LuLaRoe business from her home, which requires a considerable amount of space to house the inventory and an office.

Her Flagstaff mountain retreat has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a garage for 3 cars and 4200 square meters of living space. All bedrooms have their own bathroom, which means they all have their own bath. There is a gourmet kitchen, a stone fireplace and a deck with panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

Meri Brown’s new house is built into a cliffside and surrounded by woods. It’s an extremely private hideaway. Not only does the house have all these beautiful features, but it also has a covered water feature and an elevator. Meri’s other Sister wives could not get over the elevator, they have never seen a house that had one. Of course Solomon Brown with his eagle eyes was the first brown child to see the elevator. No doubt the child loved to explore Meri’s house.

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