‘Sister Wives’: Other family members join LulaRoe and start clothing lines

'Sister Wives': Other family members join LulaRoe and start clothing lines

Sister Wives stars Janelle, Meri, Robyn, Christine, and Kody Brown started My Sister Wife’s Closet years ago. But it looks like it closed down for good. The company sold jewelry, but many of their Facebook followers didn’t like it. Plus, rumors came that Robyn was having trouble transferring the company to Arizona. Still in hiatus since March last year, it seems that nothing is happening with the company.

Sister Wives family missed the Mother’s Day Sales in 2019

TV Shows Ace already reported in May 2019 that the online shop missed the important sales of Mother’s Day. Nothing new has happened on Instagram since March, when they posted a “Dog Tag Sterling Silver Double Sided Pendant and Chain”. Moreover, their website still shows that they are temporarily closed. However, a popup still suggests that people subscribe to the news about future updates. But, it certainly looks like everything has crashed. About four months ago, a fan on their Facebook asked when the store would reopen. The Admin replied, “soon, stay tuned-Robyn”

Well, “shortly” dragged on and on and now fans wonder if they shelved the whole idea. After all, Christine now sells LuLaRoe like Meri Brown. And, she even has her own LuLaRoe Store page. She may have followed Meri Brown in the company because it is possible to make good money. While many people don’t make any money, Cheatsheet noted that Sister Wives’ star Meri probably earns a lot. This could be due to her celebrity status. The cruises Meri Brown shares indicate that she is a top earner. In 2017, sales noted people need more than $12,000 worth of sales each month to get an invitation.

‘Sister Wives’:Other family members join LulaRoe and start clothing lines

Meri Brown’s daughter Mariah also sells LuLaRe nowadays. She and Audrey also have a shop. The info on the page reads: “My name is Audrey Kriss and my partner Mariah Brown and I love running this little business of ours! Fans know from Janelle Brown’s Instagram that Garrison started his Hawaiian shirt store. It seemed that Robyn mainly ran the My Sister Wife’s Closet. And, there’s nothing on her social media these days. Actually, there’s nothing to suggest that she doesn’t have a clothing or jewelry store either.

Maybe Robyn’s just not feeling motivated these days. In the preview for the current season, she looks very unhappy about everything. Even she and Kody Brown collide, and she tells him that “multiple marriage sometimes makes you feel like you have no right”. And, the fans always suspected that Robyn was Kody’s favorite woman for a long time. Of course, rumors of financial problems may also indicate that My Sister Wife’s Closet is closing. In the new season, we’ll see everyone who’s stressed about money. Maybe the online store just hasn’t earned enough income to bother reopening it.

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