Sister Wives: The First Face of Meri Sometimes Desperate?

Sister Wives: The First Face of Meri Sometimes Desperate?

First, Meri Brown has a character on Sister Wives. From what viewers see on the TLC show, Kody Brown rejects Meri’s attempts to save their marriage.

The patriarch of the Sister Wives said he no longer lives with Meri. So, instead of sleeping at his house every four nights, he probably goes to one of the other wives.

Meri Brown often remembered this when they all lived in the cul-da-sac in Las Vegas. She said it was hard to watch Kody spend time with the other wives and not her.

The sister wives shared the husband, and the sister wives also said he wasn’t willing to work on their marriage. This came up during a therapy session in one episode. So either Meri lost her husband – or the TLC montage makes it look that way.

Still, it also looks like Meri Brown made some attempt to lure Kody. Fans have found at least one of these scenes embarrassing for the first wife of the Sister Wives clan.

When Kody Brown backed up the moving truck in Meri’s driveway earlier in the season, she played a funny prank on him. Then Kody told her to watch the back of the truck as it approached a wall.

Meri Brown said, “I’d love to watch your butt, baby.” Some fans found her sad, especially after Kody had already rejected her on screen a few times at that point.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. Remember she told him she wanted him out? And the catfish/affair that she used to portray herself as a victim? I don’t understand why people feel sorry for her. If the gal would have been the guy she thought she was talking to, I believe she would have left.

  2. Kody is such a wuss and not even attractive. I wouldn’t want to be seen in public with all the ugly hair styles he comes up with to look younger.

    really don’t believe Mari cares
    to be a part of his little harem. She can do so much better and make it on her own easily. She should dump all of them .

    I’m not sure that is one of those illegal plural marriages either.
    They make huge amount of money .
    If Mari stays on this dumb typical reality show, she should bleed it for all it’s worth. I think kody needs a little competition ..Please consider it .

  3. Mary you are a very beautiful woman maybe its time to give up and find out what a different life would be with some else or just enjoy being single. You still have time to discover another side of Mary! And on another note I have been watching all of you guys from the first episode and I really admire every single one of you guys. I can relate to all of you. Thanks for such a great show.

  4. I cant believe any women would share her husband. Let alone be treated the way meri gets treated. She does deserve so much better. I hope she moves on finds one man and finds the love she deserves.

  5. Meri deserves sooo much better than Kody! She didn’t just do HIM a favor when she divorced him, she did herself one too! She’s a strong woman and has enough positive business deals going that she sure doesn’t have to depend on Kody for anything.

  6. Meri does deserve better they all do! Christine acts like hes all HERS.. seriously take a look ladies ( men are out there) Kody and his hair HAS SEEN BETTER DAYS / SORRY SAYING IT LIKE I SEE IT

  7. She looks absolutely sad n angry n fake. She married in to a poly marraige. I dont feel sorry for her. She always plays the victim. When did u decide u weren’t happy? The second wife after you? Maybe the the 3rd? No, no it was the 4th. That’s where u draw the line huh? Being ok with it in the first place n now u have a problem? Get over it n move on Meri! We are over you! N apparently so is Kody..

  8. Kody thinks everything is about him !!
    I dont know why seeing him leave with the other wife would bother another sister wife..You all know he is having sex with all of them..
    Just his ways are such a turn off & he is so nasty looking..he tried to do something with his hair..Didnt work Kody..You’re just UGLY

  9. I’m soooo totally over Kody and his childish antics. For the love of all things holy why would you up and move all of those kids and wives to yet ANOTHER state, into rental houses, across town from one another, when the homes in the state you just left have not even sold yet, so now you are paying 4 mortgage payments and 4 rental home payments , PLUS utilities and food, and security and deposits on those rentals, not to mention gas money driving to each others homes for gatherings/ family dinners, etc. TLC must be paying them some decent cash to be able to pull off shenanigans like that. Kodys an idiot and if I were Mari, I would have been long gone or at least still on the cul-de-sac in Vegas. He’s going to have them all in the poor house before its over with if they aren’t careful.

  10. I can’t stand kodi he thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips he’s not. Meri you can do so much better.

  11. Meri you break my heart trying so hard to win Kodys affection. You deserve such better treatment. Of everyone who should reject the union home it should be you. You have already lost so much. Love you Meri. Take care of you first.

  12. Imo If I were Meri I would leave the family and move on. Technically she and Kody are divorced. He is more wrapped up with the other wives who have more children. I think the catfish thing should of opened his eyes that things were not good between them. Instead of crucifying her get to the root of her feelings. Chin up Meri better days are ahead for you. You deserve to be happy too.

  13. I’ve noticed after watching several season that every time Cody comes up with some harebrained idea it always benefits him the most… ME ME ME Where’s the deal for those four unhappy women … Run run run… and this monster of a house he’s cooking up .. where’s his resale value when he no longer can afford even to heat or cool the darn thing??? Everyone wants a house like that!!!

  14. Meri, run, don’t walk, away from all the bullies. Kody doesn’t deserve you and as for the women, they tolerate you. Robyn and Christine both think they are his #1 and Janelle is just thrilled that anyone would have her. They DO NOT give 2 shits about you. You need to make yourself a happy life. Kody conned you all into moving for Robyns son. Shame on them. The other kids were never considered, only Robyns. Go get ’em Meri, you are a survivor.

  15. Meri, is such a caring person, she deserves better, they all do. Lately Kody has acted a selfish prick. I wonder why they all dont just dump him. In the beginning the show was interesting now I just watch to see how the wives and kids are doing

  16. Meri cant leave because of their religion. Kody can ignore her but if she leaves then she has to leave her own family and, she is close to her mum and sister. I feel sorry for her .

  17. Merit needs to get in or get out. Her B&B is very nice and her mom is sweeter than sugar. Life is short Meri. I do like that she travels and seems to have her own life. I think she stays for the paycheck AND mostly because she loves the children
    The children/adults are amazing.

  18. Meri, loose weight, go blonde, buy nice outfits and flirt with that man. He was yours first. He tries to act young, so should you! Move back to Vegas if that doesn’t work.. Love YOU!!!!!!!!


  19. She is only reason I watch show. Don’t like Christine …. Cody, needs a mental check!!!! Meri, will find somebody, heard she all ready has. And about the big house,he made that to keep show going. He will do anything to keep his male ego on show. We just see that 4 women don’t work together in there marriage. Cost makes my skin crawl😝😝😝

  20. Marry has been lonely ever since her divorce and Robin became number one,now she’s the phoney, Yes Mary can do better for sure,Take bed and breakfast and run,Don’t walk.

  21. Mary has been lonely ever since her divorce and Robin became number one,now Robin is the phoney, Yes Mary can do better for sure,Take bed and breakfast and run,Don’t walk.If Mary wasn’t lonely she wouldn’t have been on the internet,Seem Jody can’t keep all his women happy. Valentine’s day please gave all the women flowers at same time,want a romantic.

  22. When meri had to get a.divorce, so he could marry Robin…would have ended it. For Me.
    That was a stab to meri heart, you can read MERIs feelings by her body language . She definitely is not in a happy place..with any and all situations.
    Meri , please your young and beautiful, you deserve to be in a unconditionally loving relationship..JUST YOU .

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