Sister Wives: The First Face of Meri Sometimes Desperate?

Sister Wives: The First Face of Meri Sometimes Desperate?

First, Meri Brown has a character on Sister Wives. From what viewers see on the TLC show, Kody Brown rejects Meri’s attempts to save their marriage.

The patriarch of the Sister Wives said he no longer lives with Meri. So, instead of sleeping at his house every four nights, he probably goes to one of the other wives.

Meri Brown often remembered this when they all lived in the cul-da-sac in Las Vegas. She said it was hard to watch Kody spend time with the other wives and not her.

The sister wives shared the husband, and the sister wives also said he wasn’t willing to work on their marriage. This came up during a therapy session in one episode. So either Meri lost her husband – or the TLC montage makes it look that way.

Still, it also looks like Meri Brown made some attempt to lure Kody. Fans have found at least one of these scenes embarrassing for the first wife of the Sister Wives clan.

When Kody Brown backed up the moving truck in Meri’s driveway earlier in the season, she played a funny prank on him. Then Kody told her to watch the back of the truck as it approached a wall.

Meri Brown said, “I’d love to watch your butt, baby.” Some fans found her sad, especially after Kody had already rejected her on screen a few times at that point.


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