Sister Wives: Meri Announced She Was Back At Work At Her Daughter

Sister Wives: Meri Announced She Was Back At Work At Her Daughter

Sister Wives’ Meri Brown returns to work at her reopened Utah bed and breakfast while distancing herself from her family. The reality star was forced to close her business in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, but reopened in July.

Meri, posted on Instagram her return to work after the reopening of her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, together with her daughter Mariah.

She shared on Wednesday: “What fun is in store this month at the B&B! Follow her to Lizzie’s Heritage Inn for all the details on the way”. The alleged single mother also showed her thinnest figure in a picture on Instagram, which she posed barefoot.

This news comes just after she’s reunited with the Brown family, despite her attempt to run away.

On Tuesday Meri Brown posted a rare photo with Kody Brown, and the daughter of his fourth wife Robyn, Ariella. She noted the sweet cut of the little roasting marshmallows: “She was so excited to burn that marshmallow to black charcoal!

“Such a fun evening listening to her stories about Princess Meri and Princess Ari and their rainbow dresses and matching crowns, our pretentious marching band playing on violins and trumpets and drums, and lots of lost baby carrots and baby tomatoes she tried to share with me, aka trying to throw them in my mouth, from our safe social distance. “It’s moments like this that I live for.”

Third wife Christine Brown, also posted from the family fun day, sharing pictures of her daughter Gwendlyn kayaking. She wrote the photos: “We bought these inflatable kayaks online and we love kayaking!” The outing comes after the fans suspect that Meri has left the family.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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  1. If your truly fans? Why is there so much assuming? You don’t live with them! They look so happy always! So be a true fan .not a guessing hypocrite! Just saying! I adore Jeremy and Jinger and Felicity! My favorite couple!

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