Sister Wives: Christine Pushes the Envelope

Sister Wives: Christine Pushes the Envelope

Sister Wives celeb Christine Brown ups the emotional ante when she doesn’t get her own way in the next episode to roll out on TLC. So far, Christine has explained her case to Kody Brown and her colleagues. But it looks like she’s going to hit a roadblock when the sister-wives go unofficially to vote on that one big house.

Christine Brown Pushes the Envelope

It seems Christine Brown finds that she might not be in the minority when it comes time to toss in a vote. On the new preview video the faces on the Sister Wives adults become very serious.

Two of Christine Brown’s co-wives seem to lean toward Kody Brown’s plan once you hear what they say. Sounds like Meri Brown and Janelle Brown are both on board. But maybe you’ll find something else when Meri’s done with what she has to say. You won’t hear that until the new episode hits the screen.

Janelle Brown sounds like she’s all for it. Not only does she admit that she likes it, but she also pleads for the family to build that one shared house.

TLC’s editing of the Sister Wives plays a part in this promo video. Robyn Brown looks worried and says “that’s a big decision”. She shares that in a fleeting moment of a scene. So you don’t get a good sense of where she’s sitting with Kody’s request like you do with Christine Brown.

Sister Wives: No Assuming With Christine

On the other hand, Meri Brown looks curious and she makes a comment during another Sister Wives meeting. Although it sounds like she gets to take Kody’s side of the idea, her comments look unfinished. Meri Brown chimes in “I can see how it might work” but you can’t hear what she said before or after that statement.

That’s a loaded quote from Meri Brown thanks to the editing job at TLC. Meri Brown could follow it with a “but” and then say it’s not for her. Or she could follow the comment with an “and”, and then finish it with how she would like to try it. So the Sister Wives jury is out for both Robyn and Meri. Saying they’re waving on this house anyway would just be speculation.

For Christine Brown, living under one roof interferes with her intimacy with Kody Brown. This is something Kody Brown also raised in the last episode of Sister Wives. So Christine plants her feet with a “no” for one big house.

When it comes to Janelle and Christine there’s absolutely no assuming. They’re totally facing this Sister Wives big house dilemma. They’re both saying their case on the screen. Not to mention the fact that Kody looks like a man worn out by all this while his head hangs in his hand.

Kody Won’t Stop – Fans Sick of It

Speaking of Kody, it looks like this guy just doesn’t give up. After all the setbacks he got from his first and second presentation attempt, he’s back to it. First he made the big house video for the whole family. This was followed by a lot of complaints.

Then he made his second attempt at the Sister Wives Christmas dinner. He did that with the blueprints. But this still hit a sour note for a couple of women. After all that, he makes a third attempt. This is the attempt that seemed to take Christine to a new level of fear.

For this new attempt, he only has his four Sister Wives spouses as a captive audience. As you can see on the video, this last presentation really seems to get under Christine’s skin. She looks desperate, almost bursting into tears and very adamant that she is not going to live in one big house. This is Christine’s last word, or so she says.

This time it seems like Christine Brown doesn’t take into account what the family wants. She’s flat against this house. So how long will Christine continue her campaign against Kody Brown’s castle?

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