Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Onscreen is Different From Real Life

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Onscreen is Different From Real Life

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown drew fan praise this season for looking so healthy. And, it’s easy to see she dropped weight. But recently, she discussed a side effect of her weight loss. Janelle is one of his favorite fans, for her background attitude and lack of drama. Then, she shared the aftereffects of losing pounds, and the fans paid attention.

Janelle Brown Onscreen is Different From Real Life

Remember, Janelle Brown’s appearance in this new season of Sister Wives was shot many months ago. In fact, the last episode and the one this Sunday were shot during Christmas 2018. So what you see on the screen is Janelle from over a year ago.

She seems to have lost weight in the new episodes and maintained a healthy lifestyle for some years. And she keeps her fans well informed about her journey. You can see from Insta’s photos of the famous Sister Wives that she hasn’t lost weight and that she looks healthy and happy.

Sister Wives: Have Yoga Mat Will Travel

Janelle Brown recently went to her daughter and son-in-law’s home in North Carolina for a visit. The Sisters Wife’s mother shared her in real time on her social media pages. Janelle was able to see Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb Brush – and her two grandchildren as well. This is Axel Brush and Evangalynn Brush, who they call Evie.

While the Sister Wives’ grandmother focused on family, she still took time to stay healthy. And Janelle said that she chooses to take walks or sit on her yoga mat to keep fit during the trip. She said she likes walks for the health benefits and to enjoy new landscapes. And Janelle said that she works her body and mind when she walks in a place she has never been before.

The Sister Wives’ co-spouse said she doesn’t care where that area is. She could be in the city or on a suburban street. And it’s not a fad for Janelle. She stays true to that. In this season’s Sister Wives you can see the changes in her as she seems edgier.

Sister Wives Spouse Shares Her One Weight Loss Complaint

So, it looks like Janelle will stay healthy with her weight loss through life. Sure, she’s excited about dropping the extra weight. But she shared a surprising complaint about weight loss. Janelle said no one told her how losing weight changes your facial skin and shows wrinkles.

Now, it seems that Janelle is healthier than losing weight. And aside from the one complaint, it looks like Janelle is enjoying herself with less weight. And her fans agree, it looks so good on Janelle.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I use to watch the show every Sunday but i don’t now cause of the way he treats Meri he has no respect for her are Janelle and i think Christine wants him all to herself he needs to love Meri and treat her the way he does the others

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