Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Knows What It’s Like To Want Out of a Marriage

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Knows What It’s Like To Want Out of a Marriage

TLC Sister Wives star Robyn Brown looks as if she has some ideas about marriage in the next episode when she says everyone has the right to leave. On top of this quip, Robyn Brown also took to Twitter to offer some private history.

Robyn Brown shared what it took for her to fall in love with the patriarch of the Sisters Wives. But that didn’t look good for Kody Brown. It seems her love for Kody came after she set her eyes on the family.

Robyn Brown Knows What It’s Like To Want Out of a Marriage

After Sunday’s episode fans jumped online to comment on how Robyn Brown seemed to wear pants in the family. This was after the younger spouse of the Sister Wives repeatedly rejected Kody Brown’s comments. She did so while he was wandering around the houses and finances. Robyn Brown said the husband in common created a “whiplash” situation.

During the time of this episode, the houses in Las Vegas remain unsold, Kody Brown’s fear is felt and suggests they may have to return to Nevada. Of course, fans who follow the Sister Wives family know this doesn’t happen. These episodes, shot over a year ago, show Kody Brown and his wives settling in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Concerned?

But Robyn Brown seems worried. She’s getting serious with the TLC Sister Wives cameras in the next episode. Robyn Brown shares the fact that she knows what it’s like to be married and not want to be a part of that marriage anymore. She was divorced with three kids when she became part of the Sister Wives.

She was the last woman to enter the Sister Wives multiple marriage. Robyn Brown also said everyone has the right to leave. She specifically mentions – even Kody. So where’s she going with this? Does this say anything about someone jumping on the ship? Probably not. But it does offer drama.

TLC Editing Or Wife With One Foot Out the Door?

Robyn Brown talks to Sister Wives’ camera in the next episode. This comes on the heels of the turmoil over the falling prices of their Vegas homes. Sure, housing misery kept the interest of viewers through an episode or two. But the fans also said on social media that it lasted long enough.

In the next new episode, in two weeks, TLC Sister Wives will continue once again with this saga of a great house. They offer even more about their financial difficulties. This time, Robyn Brown says the part about the “right and freedom” to abandon marriage. This is an ordinary marriage.

First, the camera captures Robyn Brown’s story about her wedding experience she wants to leave. Then, it jumps to Robyn Brown specifying Kody. But she could be talking about her last wedding – or one of Kody Brown’s weddings.

According to one of the Sister Wives, TLC made a recent scene more serious than it was. Christine Brown tweeted that edits made her look like she was giving Kody Brown a “bratty” answer. Now, the promo sounds like Robyn or Kody could walk away from the wedding. Sounds like more Sister Wives edits for drama.

Does This Tweet Offer a Clue?

Robyn Brown tweeted live with Sunday night’s episode. She offered information on how she fell in love with Kody Brown. The youngest wife of the Sister Wives tribe said she loved her family and polygamous culture first. This was “before” her feelings for Kody developed.

So, Robyn Brown clearly loves the big plural family and she fell for it first. And yet the promo showed her she was talking about people free to leave the marriage. So, brace yourselves. Because episodes of Sister Wives are often much milder than the promos suggest. And it’s all hyperactive to keep viewers tuned in.

Eventually, Robyn Brown may have talked about her last marriage and how she felt trapped and wouldn’t want anyone to feel that way. Whether it was a traditional marriage or plural.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. I agree. Seems like no one is talking about leaving, but Robyn keeps the conversation of leaving as Kody’s mouth piece to Meri or possibly even Christen, if they’re not happy. I find it very odd, that the conversation is coming from her, who Kody is closest to and has uprooted the family based on Robyn’s desires. Not buying he psychoanalysis of “Leaving”.
    It’s a subliminal conversation.

  2. This crap fest is so wrong, in so many ways. Merit is smart for leaving that narcissistic adulterous hair sack behind. He is obviously running from the law, and dragging those poor children with him (where is CPS, in all these states?).
    Putting this stuff on television, and glorifying the sinful way they claim they are Christian is sickening.
    Kody needs to be in jail. And those delusional women, deprogrammed. Only one of those so called marriages is real in the Lords eyes. And only one legal in this country. And I’m not completely sure any of them are legal.

  3. First of all there is no marriage between Cody and Meri they are not only legally divorced but they don’t even have a spiritual marriage because Cody’s not acting like that sorry but they’re not even roommates and I thought the whole idea was supposed to be for all of them to be together and that big house that he’s talking about they will have their own house just attached to the others sort of like a huge duplex makes a lot of sense to me the separate houses never did make sense if you’re going to have a plural marriage I think Christine and Robyn both would just be happier if they were the only spouse

  4. With the exception of Mary all of them only show having one bedroom besides the master in this house where are all those 70 billion children sleeping? Did the WHINER (Robin) just spit out yet another baby?
    I had no Ideal this move was so Robin (WHINER) could be closer to HER son while in college WOW 😡

  5. Cody keeps Meri and Janelle because he believes they will help pay the bills when his poor decisions fail. Neither Christine or Robyn could take care of themselves and their children. Meri and Janelle should run and let Kody figure out he is going to support Christine, Robyn and their children. And yes, robyn is his favorite. Who lives in the million dollar house? Whose child did they follow to college? Robyn didn’t ever love Kody or his family. Still doesn’t. She likes the fact she doesn’t have to support or take care of her kids. And as long as Kody can figure out a way to pitch the show, he has some money. He is like a used car salesman.

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