Sister Wives: Meri Brown looks to the future

Sister Wives: Meri Brown looks to the future

The Sister Wives fans are currently watching the new season, and there, they see a certain division between Kody Brown and the wives. Christine takes the heat this season as she points out about their financial situation. She also hates the idea of a giant mansion. Meanwhile, Meri Brown takes care of her many ups and downs Now, on her Instagram, Meri has shared her vision of the future.

Meri’s vision on her Instagram post

On her Instagram last Wednesday, Meri Brown shared a long post. It was about her vision of the future. For those hoping she said goodbye to Kody, they’ll be a little disappointed. However, Meri Brown is often a little cryptic in her posts. So people can probably guess what she’s trying to say. She started by writing, “I am me. I’m comfortable with who I am and what I do.” Then she talked about the present, observing: “I focus on what I have and what I do and I don’t get involved with what the other person does, or what the other entrepreneur does”.

Meri Brown explained that she’s staying away from “toxicity.” She prefers to engage with “positivity”. Well, that seems inconsistent with what we see on the Sister Wives show. But, fans should keep in mind, they don’t see everything on TLC. In her real life, Meri Brown says, “I create a safe, positive physical space to be surrounded by.” Speaking of the kind of people she mixes with these days, Meri said, “I like being with the people who love being with me. I want there to be people in my life who want to share and occupy the same space and care about the good times with them”.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown looks to the future

For the future, Meri Brown said she wants to leave herself “open to the possibility of love, growth, change, improvement” and “challenge”. She hopes that all this will make her a “better woman” and a “kinder person”. In this way, she feels she can face her “challenges”, overcome them and “realize her dreams”. Well, she’s already doing well with her dream of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, we reported.

Going forward, the star of The Sister Wives says he won’t keep looking back. She says what’s in the past should stay there. She’s determined to “enjoy the here and now.”

She finished by saying, “This is my vision.” Well, the fans reacted to his post and one of them said, “I needed this memo today. Thanks for just being you.” Another remarked, “Sometimes our life doesn’t turn out to be what the vision was in our minds. But it can still be better than we ever imagined. Only different.”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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