‘Sister Wives’ fans noticed the difference in how Kody Brown spoke to his wives

‘Sister Wives’ fans noticed the difference in how Kody Brown spoke to his wives

While Robyn Brown was the wife who fought the most with Kody in the last episode, Christine and Kody Brown disagreed at the beginning of the season. Christine is the most opposed to Kody’s dream of building a huge, shared home for all four wives.

The difference in Kody Brown’s reactions to Robyn’s frustration compared to Christine’s was not lost on Sister Wives viewers, who thought there was a great contrast in the way he treated each of them.

As the January 26th episode aired, some fans went on Twitter to suggest that it looked like Kody was playing favorites for Robyn Brown. “It seems like Kody Brown just wants to be with Robyn and keeps making really stupid decisions that are causing all the financial hardship just to please her,” a Sister Wives fan wrote. “Janelle should be the only one making the family’s financial decisions.”

Some fans even noticed that Kody’s alleged unequal treatment of his wives extended to social media. During the January 19 episode, Kody Brown wrote on Twitter: “So if I’m the protagonist of our little story, what is @SWChristine2020 [Christine]? I was just wondering…..”

Many viewers of Sister Wives took this as a bitter blow to Kody’s third wife for rejecting his idea of a unique house. Some claimed he was trying to “embarrass her” publicly.

In this week’s episode, Robyn discussed with Kody Brown not only lowering prices, but also discussing the idea of the unique house at Christmas in front of their children.

One fan highlighted the contrast in the way Kody Brown treated his wives as Robyn Brown and Kody clashed, writing: “My question is… Will Kody Brown now publish a derogatory comment addressed to Robyn Brown after his negative response to the discussion about the one-home idea? Kody Brown didn’t write much about Robyn’s complaints, making some Sister Wives fans believe that he treated her with more respect than other wives.

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  1. I have watched every episode and I haven’t really seen a huge difference in the way he treats the wives. However, he seemed to just dismiss the huge sacrifice that Meri made divorcing him for the “ better” of the new wife. I really feel thats why Meri lost her way. Kody left her behind and wasn’t sensitive to the huge impact it obviously had on Meri. She was emotionally devastated and he refused to see it.
    And now, another decision moving wo any thought of the kids or the wives. It was very clear that Robin did not think this was a good idea. I believe Janelle was not too happy about it either. Whatever, Kody had made his decision.

    Now this house. HIS decision. Kody makes these rash decisions but expects the wives to deal with the consequences. I have truly lost respect for Kody this season. Its all him and whats best for him. He is the one who put this wonderful family in financial difficulty.

    My heart still hurts for Meri the most. I feel she has lost the most. He has no right to “distance” himself from her. He is the one who emotionally tore her apart. He needs to get over his self and be a real man. He put Meri’s feelings to the side wo no regard for how it would impact her. Id like to see him live the man of God he professes to be and not this “whatever Kody wants the family will do or he’s gonna pout” man.
    I respect the wives so much for how they are trying to include Meri. She is still full of guilt and doesn’t know how to be a sister wife again. If Kody would grow up and be the man he promised to be in his and Meri’s vows, I think Meri would feel closer to the family. He practically pushed her aside and then was shocked that she needed attention elsewhere. She was wrong, yes. She needs him to love her as Jesus loves and doesn’t hold grudges. Jesus doesn’t punish us until He thinks we’ve learned our lesson. Give her love, Kody, whether you “feel” it or not. You have been married 4times. Surely you’ve learned that commitment its not about how you feel. Its about the choice of loving even through the hard times. Meri is very clearly reaching out to you. It is your responsibility to cover her in love. That is if you agree you are the spiritual leader of your beautiful family.

    I do love this family. The wives are amazing and clearly in love with Kody. Christine happens to be my favorite. I want to be like her. She is just so much fun. Janelle is down to earth. Seems to be very easy to het along with. Robin, not sure how I feel about her. I thinks she thinks a lot about herself. I feel she is bery satisfied that she is the REAL married wife of Kody. However, i do like how she stands her ground when it comes to Kody.
    Cant wait till Sundays. Church and Sister Wives!!!

  2. Personally I think all the wives should give him stick….#_#&. Seems like I would be very upset if my $$ went into a pot an it wasn’t spent evenly. Kodi doesn’t need to be over the financial end . I’m surprised Meri is still trying to have any relationship with Kodi after the way he treats her. This has been going on since the divorce. He changed…for the worse
    This show is dragging and I’m tired of what Kodi wants or does. Sister wives stick up for your selves….

  3. These wonderful women deserve a better spouse than Kody. He apparently has no sensitivity to their feelings. He is not a nurturing spouse at all. He seems to have little regard for any of his wives except Robin. How can he be so dismissive of these three other wives who have given him their all?

  4. Stand your ground Christine! An elderly african american lady told me when I got married 40 years ago “No house is large enough for two women”. And you know what…she was right!
    Cody”s “one house fits all ” idea is a pipe dream.

  5. Am I the only one that noticed that all five houses have been sold in Las Vegas and Robin gets a $900,000 house in Flagstaff while two others are simply renting and they have yet to do anything with the vacant property that they purchased why does Robin need such a big house?

  6. What I do not understand is why any of the wives have any kind of problem seeing Kodi with any one of them. This makes absolutely no since! Choosing to live a plural lifestyle negates any form of jealousy over who is with the husband at any particular time. They all knew what it meant to be a plural family. They married one man, and they know he is intimate with all of them, so grow the heck up, and accept the lifestyle you have chosen to be a part of. This whole jealousy thing is just a bit much, and totally ridiculous!!
    As for the is a perfect solution for a plural family. They all have their own domain. They can stay within their own homes and rule their own roost, so what’s the problem Christine? I think Kodi did a great job of findng a solution that makes it easier for him being able to see all of his remaining at home children without all the running from one home to another. It is a beautiful thought out solution, and each of the wives should stop playing the victims and see this also!! I applaud Janelle for having the courage to stand up and be counted on this subject..

    Plural family, means just that.. family, and families live under one roof….period! I’m not a polygamist, but if I were…I’d be for Kodi’s beautiful home for his family.

  7. I can’t hardly watch the show anymore,I find myself just watching Meri and the sad look on her face and
    the disengaged body language she has. Meri needs to find her voice and move on without the family,Robyn is ALL Cody cares about!!!

  8. Let’s get the facts straight. These are not multiple marriages but one open marraige with multiple partners. Obviously they all live in Kody’s world because any man who feels the need to have more than one woman at a time and convinces them to play along is an arrogant dominating a-hole. This “lifestyle” is simply generations of brainwashing. The woman need to wake up, get over their issues jealousy, and remember they signed up to share their life with a man who will never be committed to them or their needs. Janelle is the one mostly suited to Kody being she acts more rationally then the others. My family isn’t Mormon but did come from Nauvoo, IL and still live in the area. My great grandmother made sure I knew the history. Their (the Browns) whole ideology of pleural marriage is a facade and being exploited to make money.

  9. I was so confused when Kody and Meri had to divorce so Kody could adopt Robin’s kids….. I thought wow what a selfless act of kindness it was and yet still be married to him. Robyn of course becomes legal wife but then it was like NOTHING no helping Meri through the most difficult thing she had done for them. I find it hard to believe that NO ONE really understood the turmoil from Meri. They all moved on and yes Robyn grateful to an extent but never gave support to her..then the catfish nightmare…well she wasn’t getting any love and support from her sister wives and definitely not from Kody so she fell.. every one makes mistakes and had Kody been more loving and grateful he did an about face… shame on them..Meri was a trooper and quite frankly could have a show of her own. This new Flagstaff move is terrible and now they’re having a problem with her success..B.S. move on Meri I for one will always respect what you did and what you are doing now. God bless

  10. Kody, Quit brow beating your family to get your own way! I have been married 48 years to one man and would never have accepted my husband moving another woman into our house…let alone another wife…seperate houses happy life! Stand your ground Christine…Robin tell the truth…you don’t want it either!

  11. I have been watching Sister Wives since they first came out when they first got started Cody was more caring to his wife. Before he made riding when he marry Robin, it was push all of them to the side and only attention go to Robin. Because she’s the only one able to have kids. But at the same time all your otherwise have gave you keys to I remember when Robin want to carry a child for Mary you told her no. But then, you know, she wanted a child of her own to raise other than the one she have. I feel like you is a sad man. You have for a wife not just one and you catering to her whining ass, which don’t even make any sense. Man your ass up and be the polygamist man that you supposed to be. And stop just came into one if you don’t want all four of them at one time. Leave the other three alone and be with the one you want to be with because everybody says Mary is not one of them. Christina is not one of them. Janelle is not one of them. Only someone you’re catering to it is Robin. Hey ya feelings to you feel like they are too old for you. Get your s*** together me be a father or go back and be just like them other deadbeat ass polygamist ass men.

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