Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s first wife shared her vision for the future

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s first wife shared her vision for the future

Meri Brown regularly goes to social media to offer inspiring quotes and write about her own transformation into a confident entrepreneur. The Sister Wives star recently shared a motivational post on Instagram which, for some fans, seemed to indicate overcoming jealousy and going beyond her past.

“I am me,” wrote Kody Brown’s first wife. “I’m comfortable with who I am and what I do. I focus on what I have and what I do, and I don’t get involved with what the other person does, or what the other entrepreneur does”.

Meri Brown also shared cryptic statements about distancing yourself from people and toxic emotions. “I distance myself from toxicity and approach positivity,” she wrote. Later she added, “I like being with the people who love being with me. I want there to be people in my life who want to share and occupy the same space and who care about the good times with them.

She concluded with a message that seemed to leave the door open to another life, writing: “I leave myself open to the possibility of love, growth, change, improvement, challenge, and all the things that will lead me to a better woman, a kinder person, in a more positive head space, and able to overcome challenges and realize my dreams. I look forward to what lies ahead, leave the past behind me and enjoy the here and now. This is what counts. This is my vision.

Some ‘Sister Wives’ fans encouraged Meri Brown to leave the Brown family

Some viewers of Sister Wives have long encouraged Meri Brown to leave the Brown family. Some fans believe that Meri has been neglected and abused by Kody and her sister wives and hope to see her take a new journey as a single woman.

An Instagram user shared these feelings under Meri Brown’s motivational post, hoping she would be “freed”.

“I look at your program and see someone who is so hurt,” the commentator wrote. “I feel so sorry for you.” I pray that God will show you the way to happiness, love, opportunities to show the world and your viewer [you are] much stronger… They portray you as this weak person, but I see a strong person inside of me looking to be set free and not looking back”.

Another ‘Sister Wives‘ viewer agreed and answered: “I have said the same thing, just like many other people, life is too short to… to be unhappy and not do what makes you happy, I don’t understand why she stays, [it’s] so sad.

Many other fans agree that they don’t understand why Meri Brown chose to stay with Kody Brown, since he doesn’t consider them as a romantic relationship anymore.

“I often wonder the same thing, but I feel that she is conflicted,” another commentator added. “I think she really loves her family and hopes things will get better, but it seems that everyone but Robyn is shutting her out… I mean, it’s been 5 years and if her Kody’s can’t get over it, I feel like they should separate and she should be able to live life and be loved.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. I think you are smart funny loving person but need to stop playing the victim it happen need to forgive yourself and move on. I want you to know if the relationship with him not moving forward than it probably not going too. I think he can’t forgive move on sorry to say No I think you will stay that not healthy for anyone envoled like at the lunch when you asked for the family to help you out made you feel bad that just not right.

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