Sister Wives: Christine Brown does not want the giant house

Sister Wives: Christine Brown does not want the giant house

Sister Wives fans saw that Christine Brown at the show really hated the idea of one big house. It seems that most of her resistance comes from the moments of intimacy she has with Kody Brown. Meanwhile, Janelle thinks it’s a good idea and Meri Brown doesn’t seem to mind. If you’re the stranger going out, Christine will be in the line of fire this season.

Christine Brown does not want the giant house

TV shows Ace reported on Christine Brown’s resistance to moving to one big house. We noticed: “On her Twitter, she wrote, ‘There are so many living conditions in multiple families. Some are together, some are divorced. We’ve all done it and I like divorced more.”

And, in the next episode, we heard more of her reasons for opposing it. That’s despite Kody Brown explaining that every apartment in the house would be soundproof.

Cheatsheet noted that Christine Brown seemed worried that she couldn’t be intimate and relaxed with her man whenever they felt like it. While some people imagine a man and many wives, with lots of children around, it doesn’t really work that way with the Brown family. The Sisters Wives family has lived for years in Las Vegas in one culdesac. But each family lived in a separate house. So, they were completely free to do whatever they wanted when Kody Brown was with their wives. It’s not like they were all together all the time. When they get together, they just act so they don’t show off.

While every wife is well aware that Kody Brown becomes intimate with the other wives, none of them like to dwell on that. There’s a “don’t touch” rule when they all get together. And, Christine fears that one big house doesn’t mean a rest time together. Speaking of when they all lived together in Utah, she explained the problems. In the exhibition, she said, “We couldn’t be physically affectionate with each other except in our rooms, in our bedrooms. Christine Brown added, “Every wife deserves to be loved in her kitchen, and in her living room, and everywhere outside.

Touching the truth, few monogamous wives suffer, he observed: “One could never be an intimate couple, because there was always the possibility that another woman could and would enter. Well, that certainly sounds like something the Sister Wives family could do without. What do you think? It’s a lifestyle choice with obvious disadvantages. Let your thoughts be heard in the comments that follow.

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