Sister Wives: Christine Brown Refuses To Consider Kody’s Idea

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Refuses To Consider Kody’s Idea

If you are a fanatical viewer of Sister Wives, you have to be aware of their confusing way of life. All of Kody Brown’s wives lived in separate houses when they were filmed. But that arrangement doesn’t sit well with Kody. He wants them all to live in one big house. In the episodes we saw Christine Brown immediately refusing to even consider Kody’s idea. But the reality TV star is now struggling with the editors of TLC.

According to Christine Brown, TLC makes her appear like a brat. This is the first time a member of the Sister Wives family has problems with TLC editing. So, it begs the question, is TLC’s editing unfair to Sister Wives? Let’s take a look.

Christine Brown Refuses To Consider Kody’s Idea

Kody Brown is adamant to let his entire Sister Wives family live under one roof. However, he doesn’t get all the support he wants, especially not from Christine Brown. She has been very open and vocal about how she feels about this idea. She has made it clear that she won’t even consider it.

Christine Brown thinks that living in one house with the other women endangers her intimate life with Kody Brown. We’ve also seen her jealousy problems from time to time. Christine Brown is the type of person who likes to be in charge of her own domain. So, even though she’s confident as a wife and mother, she’s not a fan of Kody’s idea.

Christine Brown goes further into the question of intimacy by saying that there is always the possibility that another wife can enter Kody’s intimate moments with one if she lives in the same house. According to her, every woman deserves her husband’s love in every part of the house, she says kitchen, bedroom, outside, etc..

Christine Brown had shared some bad memories from when they all lived together in Utah. However, we can’t say we’ve heard the whole story. According to Christine Brown’s Tweet, the editors made her look like a brat. She added that when she saw her reaction to the idea of Kody Brown on the show, it was really cruel.

On the other hand, Janelle Brown completely agrees with the idea. She says that if they live apart, their culture will soon drift apart. She remembers the days when they all lived together as one happy family in Utah. That was before Robyn Brown joined the family.

Speaking of Robyn Brown, he acknowledges it’s an important decision, but he doesn’t say much more than that. Meri Brown sees how it can work. But she hasn’t even processed her statement. We can’t say how that sentence will end.

Written by Ashley Bennett

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