Sister Wives: Christine Brown looks fabulous, fans think

Sister Wives: Christine Brown looks fabulous, fans think

Sister Wives fans know that Christine Brown lost a lot of weight. Steadily, she’s looking better and better. Her last LuLaRoe post on Instagram really got fans pleading for her to share her secrets. While some people disagreed with her for promoting MLM products, many others liked her new look.

Christine looks fabulous, fans think

Every time Christine shares a picture of herself she looks thinner. But she worked hard for it. In March of last year, her weight loss began to manifest itself. Even then, people were begging her for her diet and training plans. This week, she published a picture of her LuLaRoe line. In fact, these days she is becoming very active, following Meri’s example of earning a decent income.

In her post, Christine Brown looks really good. She’s wearing torn jeans, a red T-shirt and a jacket. A fan asked her if she was “aging backwards.” It’s a promo post for her business, and she has some buyers. But one or two people mistreated her. One critic remarked, “lularoe is a pyramid scheme! You shouldn’t encourage your fans to buy these products”. Another Sister Wives fan agreed, saying, “This MLM sh*t idiot is a cancer. And the celebrities who support him are disgusting.” But most people thought it was fabulous.

Sister Wives: Fans plead for weight loss secrets

Many fans begged Christine for her weight loss secrets. She never answered, but the good news is that she has explained it to her followers in the past. TV shows Ace reported in March last year that she told the fans: “I eat according to my blood type and work out”! So, we went over there and watched it. You can read all the details in the article link above, but essentially it’s a way to get all the nutrients you need and cut out those foods your blood type can’t tolerate.

Much of the diet is based on the way lectins are absorbed into the body. Coupled with regular exercise, user reports show that it seems to work. But, as with any diet, people should check with their health professional before trying it. So, those Sister Wives fans who pleaded with Christine can read about it and check it for themselves. And, uh, there’s a lot of them. One fan asked, “What did you do to lose so much weight?” Another one asked, “How did you lose so much weight that you look great!”

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.