Sister Wives: Kody Brown Likes his Women Curvy.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Likes his Women Curvy.

Meri Brown is the latest Sister Wives spouse to gain attention for losing some weight. So, the spotlight is on the original matriarch of Sister Wives. Kody Brown married three women who formed his original Sister Wives family. He did it within a few years, 25 years ago. His three original wives are Meri, Janelle and Christine.

Robyn Brown joined the family after Kody spent almost 15 years with only three wives.The TLC show made its debut the moment Kody started dating his future fourth wife. She was younger and thinner than Kody’s other wives at the time.

But the three original wives said how they didn’t think Robyn’s appearance made much of a difference. They said Kody liked his curvy women. Die-hard Sister Wives viewers probably can’t forget the first signs of Kody’s infatuation with Robyn. He was acting like a teenager in love back then.

It seemed as if Kody’s tendency for curvy women wasn’t exclusive. It doesn’t even seem like it was fashionable for Kody at the time. Like many fans believe that the infatuation for his young wife continues to this day.

As You Might Expect – Conspiracy Theories Pop Up

Of course, the Sister Wives conspiracy theories pop up online along with the wives looking so fit these days. Kody Brown’s three oldest wives all seem to be enjoying the benefits of an exile these days. Meri Brown even shared a picture of her at the gym.

So why the sudden movement to get in shape? Maybe it’s as simple as the three elderly women of the Sister Wives, who are all close or already 50 years old, want to stay healthy. End of story? No… research to lose weight and reap health benefits is not the only theory online today.

For some fans of the TLC show, his weight loss is all about Kody. They think this is a way for other wives to compete for the attention of their common husband.

Fans seem to think that the jealousy factor is creeping around Kody’s attention to Robyn Brown. Thus, theories suggest that Meri , as well as Janelle and Christine have lost weight while competing for her husband’s attention.

Meri’s attempt to win Kody’s affection back on the show this season was shut down by her husband. But no matter what the reason for Meri’s weight loss, the fans all seem to agree with the results – she looks fabulous.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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