Sister Wives: Robyn Brown cries, throws a bit of a tantrum and gives Kody stick, that’s okay it seems

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown cries, throws a bit of a tantrum and gives Kody stick, that’s okay it seems

Sister Wives fans couldn’t help notice in the last episode that Kody Brown seems much easier on Robyn that the other wives. It became particularly evident in the episode “A Not So Merry Christmas”. It was born after everyone sat down for the slow house sale meeting. It also involved other real estate issues in Flagstaff.

Robyn Brown cries, throws a bit of a tantrum and gives Kody Brown stick, that’s okay it seems

Fans long believed that Kody Brown moved to Flagstaff for Robyn Brown. That’s because she wanted to be closer to Dayton who attended college there. After a long social media absence, Robyn Brown hit at fans who believed that. In the episode, we saw her crying and fighting with Kody Brown about moving out. I’m in a financial mess, and she blames it on you. But the fans still don’t buy the fact that he never did it for her. During the previous episode, fans saw that Christine was called publicly by Kody on his Twitter. But not Robyn Brown.

Tv Shows Ace reported that getting his own house and his big mansion was opposed by Christine Brown. Meanwhile, Janelle Brown liked the idea of the Sister Wives family all in one home. But the Vegas home sale fell on her. So, despite her best efforts, some of the blame was placed on her by other wives. In particular, however, Robyn, who had a fight with him, had little reaction from Kody. Cheatsheet reminds readers that Robyn said, “I don’t even know what to do with what you say”.

Sister Wives: Fans slam Kody Brown for favoring Robyn

On Twitter, fans reacted to Kody Brown after his post on Christine Brown the week before. He posted: “So if I’m the main character in our little story, what is@SWChristine2020? I was just wondering…” One replied, “I wouldn’t say you’re the protagonist. More like the bully. Christine was a woman who was trying to remind you that she set boundaries and would want you to respect them.” Another one remarked: “I really think you should go back and watch every single episode to see how you treat women differently”.

Another critic of Sister Wives remarked, “I thought he said, ‘But don’t they ever talk about each other, along with the other wives, do they ever talk about each other? And yet you do a week on… social media?! What is your religion? Then, this one said: Ouch. It’s not nice to tweet about your wife like that. Even if you’re reality TV people, keep these thoughts behind closed doors and to yourself.” And after seeing the way Robyn Brown could scream and argue and get away with it this week, a fan said, “It seems like Kody just wants to be with Robyn Brown and keeps making really stupid decisions that are causing all the financial difficulties just to please her.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I think Robyn is annoying.. I think that she was so happy that Meri divorced Cody so she could have him I don’t think she was as sad as she pretended to be.. And I think the way kody acts He should only have one wife.. Seems like Robyn is the only wife He really has anything to do with..Robyn acts like a spoiled toddler.. The whole show should just stop because it’s getting old..

  2. You can tell Kody favors Robin neither one even though about how meri felt when he ask for a divorce or even when Robin offer to have a baby for Meri but Kody didn’t want it but now how many kids has he had with Robin so Kody needs to be a man with Robin and tell her he he does have 3 other wife’s and need to spend time with each one of them not just be living with her. And there is no reason now he couldn’t divorce Robin and marry Mari back

    • Kody didn’t ask for the divorce, Meri presented him with the divorce option. It seems to me Kody changed towards Meri as if “how dare she divorce me”. Even though it was supposed to benefit the adoption only it certainly put Robin at the head of the others. Kody’s ego was hurt by the divorce and Meri’s heart was broken by his change in behavior. He is a pompous jerk. If he takes on another wife I will stop watching the show.

  3. I have always been appalled by this show. Here’s a man that uses the paligamy scam because he can’t be faithful to one woman an keep his dingy in his pants. And has the nerve to use the bible and religion as his pass. The bible (new testament) says a man shall leave his parents an cleave to his WIFE NOT WIFE’S. AND does NOT hold himself living a Christian life. Just using women for his own PLEASURE,

  4. Only polygamist are allowed to be financially irresponsible. For example, each one of them has filed bankruptcy prior to this show. And received Food stamps/SNAP a federal program meant to help feed families and individuals who are living below the poverty level. So why are they marrying each other and having children they can’t afford to feed. I wonder what other government programs they have been on before and during this sho

  5. I’ve noticed since Mary divorced Cody so he could marry Robyn that he seems to show more attention to her than his other sister wives. It may just be me but he leans toward her when she sits by him. Robyn seems to be the leader of the decision making with him. If I were in the other sister wives place I’d be heading back to Vegas and stop paying 2 rents.

  6. I always knew Robyn was trouble the second he brought her. After two episodes when she came on I stopped watching it.. I had a feeling Robyn was trying to take Kody away from his other wife’s. Was even more flabbergasted when he divorced Meri .I am curious to know thou who’s he replacing Robyn with thou

  7. A blind man could see the clown only cares for Robyn. Why doesn’t he get off his sorry butt and get a job.

  8. I agree with you; I too stopped watching shortly after he married Robyn. I was shocked to read he had divorced Meri even if to adopt Robyn’s children. Meri hasn’t appeared happy since then. (I read articles on Google). He doesn’t treat them equal at all. Just an excuse for one man to have sex with many women.

  9. I think Meri is being treated BADLY by Kody, and if he can’t forgive her for the catfish incident then let her go so she can enjoy her life. Robyn is TROUBLE. RUN MERI RUN..

  10. Here are 4 wives who have this beautiful private cul du sac all to themselves. Gorgeous homes and access to each other. The homes were built from the bottom up for them. They allow Kody to make the decision and move out of this beautiful neighborhood that was their private domain. They have no plan. Just Kodys plan to live in Flagstaff. No homes are sold and they are out buying land they cant afford until their houses are sold. It’s like following a bug down the drain. There are four intelligent women and you all went along with that ????? What the hell is the matter with you??

    • I think cody is a piece of crap, a Male shovenisgit PIG. He favors Robin, treats his first wife meri like crap and don’t think he really gives a crap about Janelle!! She’s basically the money woman that’s all. Not sure about him and Christensen situation They would all be better off if they all left his butt!! He DEFINITELY is not all that!!! He’s so rude to them all!!! I also don’t know how these crazy women can sleep with him knowing he’s been sleeping with all the other ones. TOTALLY disgusting!!! 🤢🤮

  11. I am sorry but Robyn is nothing but a whiney ass. Who sits there and has a fit because Janelle says we need to sell these homes? if even lowering the price need be. I am sorry Robyn get off your high horse and grow up!You come across very selfish, like a baby having a temper tantrum. Kody needs to quit being whipped and start treating his other wives equal. If I was Meri I would of left a long time ago and help her mom with her Bed and Breakfast. Robyn is making this show put a bad taste in my mouth.

  12. I can’t stomach Robyn, she thinks she is all that and Kody gives me the creeps, he gives his so called religion a bad disgusting name to procreate with four women and look for adding more to his harem is sick.
    I wanted to literally throw up when he talked about his one home idea, taping his fingers together with that stupid grin on his face, and did any body else notice how blotted and red his face was, makes me wonder if he is actually just an unemployed alcoholic who expects all the woman to support him while he hops from bed to bed.

  13. The 2 poligamist families that I know of all live in the same house. I thought that was the way with poligamy. Everything is shared & that’s what plural wives sign up for.

  14. All I know women aren’t equipped to have a lifestyle like this because we have the green eye monster more than males do an I don’t like the whole situation with Robin but oh well it’s not me. Thank you God too much drama

  15. I have only watched a couple of episodes and I have to wonder a) why Mari stays when Kody is SO disrespectful to her and b) why anyone would even be interested in him. He’s self absorbed, chauvinistic and talks at them like he is selling a used car. I just don’t get it.

  16. After Meri divorced Cody so Robyn could be his legal wife and adopt her children, did Cody and Meri ever get remarried? Is that one of the reasons Meri has pulled away too?

  17. I have been watching this show for years since Day 1. I have seen how things have unfolded. I feel that Meri struggled once Robyn was brought into the home but wanted to be open to the process. After Meri became an empty nester and couldn’t give Kody anymore kids there was nothing drawing Kody to Meri…. and because she was the legal wife he feared her. Once Robyn came and cried about her ex-husband the only way to protect her kids was for her to legally marry Kodi by any means necessary. I feel she played the kids card on Meri in which her heart felt heavy and it was only then Meri divorced Kody and felt lost with the “Catfish saga” because she was filled with sadness. Meri needs love and affection and i’m not sure if Kody is doing his part to sustain a happy successful marriage. I bet when he and Meri’s marriage was in trouble he still kept the same sad wife schedule BS. Let’s see how Robyn feels if he gets wife #5. I love and support Meri, Janelle and Christine , Robyn at times but it shows she gets the privilege because she has the papers don’t forget that.

  18. Kody made it clear in an episode while still living in Vegas, that he wanted to move after Vegas had a terror attack on Oct 1, 2017. Terrorist hit the strip and off the strip killing 58 people and injuring almost 500 people. Vegas claimed it was Stephen Paddock that shot the harvest route 91 festival. However Mandalay Bay is paying out the victims thought their insurance policy under the Terror Attack insurance policy. If Mandalay claimed it WAS NOT A TERROR ATTACK. If this were true the claim would be fraud. How can they say it was a lone shooter, then pay them off on a TERROR ATTACK POLICY !!! This is why Kody choose to move and did not want his son finishing his sports in Vegas. Vegas has lied to the American people and go with the flow as if ” What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas.

  19. I use to love watching the show but i don’t now cause of the way he treats Meri he doesn’t have any respect for her are jeanelle he needs to wake up and quit thinking he is all that NOT

  20. Cody is so disgusting, and I agree Mary needs to leave his ugly ass…how these women could sleep with the same man after he’s slept with another one is beyond me. He does not treat them all the same, that’s very clear. He needs to show more respect for these women, except Robin….she gets it all. And agree with OK day who thinks Cody is a closet drinker.

  21. Wow you all need to let them live theit lives without the bad comments. There not perfect but neither are you all they love there kids family and one another maybe you should try and take a few lessons from there family of what loving another human being means. I mean really.

    • I totally agree with you on this one! I would have loved to have been in the room when Robyn & Cody cornered Meri about “Her doing the only “Sensible” thing … And divorce Cody so Robyn’s kids could be adopted by Cody?
      The kids had a father! Robyn was the one claiming that the she left a “Broken” marriage & needed her kids to have insurance? So, Robyn breaks up another woman’s marriage? The state would provide health coverage & anything else if those kids needed it through their health containment system! This was all about what Robyn wanted. She used Meri. She wedged her way into Meri’s good graces & stole Meri’s title as the only legal wife. Talk about a piece of work. And Cody let it happen.

  22. Mer should pack her bag and run those other wives have no morals shame on Janelle Christine I hste Robyn with a passion she is a wicked witch she prtend to have the other wives back since she jouned the clan she only caused confusion. Robyn is used meat Cody forget that Meri was a virgin when he marry Meri. Robyn will get old one day then she will be the ugliest thing her face with be so tough and ugly cant stand that bitch

  23. Sad Reality?
    Cody couldn’t handle the 3 wives he had but seeing that they all became common to him, he took on a 4th younger wife who I believe became Meri’s Best Friend, only to take her title as the only wife legally married to Cody. Robyn isn’t the “Unassuming Victim” she plays out to be. Can anyone really blame Meri for being Catfished? She was displaced by the one person who promised to love her til death. Meri put up with Cody’s ass marrying Janelle, who was married to Mary’s brother! That speaks volumes about her. Then dumb blonde marries Christine, who has always had a thorn in her ass over Meri. Christine seethes with jealously over Meri.. When she should be worried about anything younger than her. Now they are all stuck in debt because Robin cried like a sniveling child that she needed to be near her kid in Flagstaff?.. But, never mind displacing all the other family members Robyn. But! Let’s give Robyn something to chew on..Cody probably has wife #5 in the wings.. Good luck keeping that $900-thousand dollar home warm at night Whelan Cody needs to go drop some brain cells on the new bride!

  24. This whole polygamy thing is mind boggling to me. There is always going to be one of the numerous wives that’s going to capture the mans heart. In this instance, it’s Robin. If I were the other wives, I’d leave Cody in the dust. Let Robin have him. The guy lives off of his wives incomes. If they don’t submit to what he wants, then he punishes them by cutting them off, physically, emotionally and becomes verbally abusive making insulting remarks to & about them. Like he’s some prize! He makes me nauseous. Yet, he think’s he’s so hot that no woman can resist him. He’s just gross.. seriously gross.

  25. This is ashow, it’s not are business really . And putting them down and calling names ,I wouldn’t blaine them to quit airing their business..
    Always have watched them an always will…. ,

  26. I have only watched the show a few times, but in EVERY episode I have seen Meri cries. Very sad. I feel as though she abandoned her happiness for Kody and would do anything to make him happy. He sees this as God’s will. Robyn I never trusted from day one, and I can’t for the life of me see ehy everyone thinks she’s so good looking. That jaw of hers would give Leno a run for hus money. Christine is probably the prettiest. However they are not very bright to be allowed to be treated the way they are. His favourite saying is that ‘ love should be multiplied, not divided. He’s so arrogant and selfish that he doesn’t realize that his given love to his wives is divided by 4

  27. Sorry folks this “lifestyle” is illegal for a reason and Kody is probably the poster boy of an ego gone wild you’re nothing to look at when these women got older you went younger and now you have a “wifey”that already had a life and kids and theew away your other kids and wives to please one first I hope Meri just realizes you dont want her anymore and gets it in her head Janelle was never in your eye and we’ve all seen that since day one and christine dropped all that weight to be sexy for you wich probably goes un noticed becuz Robyn says so you make decisions for you and only you and smart people with a head on their shoulders and a brain in it can see you for what you are you belong UNDER the jail it’s not legal and you’re all fooling yourselves if you think no one in authority is watching you and waiting to put you in jail wich I really hope they do maybe youd get your mind rite and by the way why do we NEVER see you people in church as religious as you all claim to be TLC should cancel your show and let you live on your own 10 bucks says if you have to Ronyn wouldn’t be in a 900 thousand dollar house Kody you absolutely deserve to lose it all and I’m waiting to see it filmed

  28. The only “real thing” that ever happened on that show was probably Meri’s catfish scandal, which proves that the wives are lonely and craving some unshared love, even though they constantly blather on about how wonderful their lifestyle is.

  29. When I first started watching the show I thought their set up was harmless but I don’t think it anymore, with the best will in world there is no way he can meet the emotional needs of the wives and children. I am not keen on Robyn at all and I have always felt that she is Kodys favoured wife and that she uses that to her advantage. I feel for the children because it doesn’t look like he actually spends any quality time with them and I guess it’s hard to keep up with there been so many.

  30. Robyn is a whiny crybaby and manipulates every show with her DRAMA… she comes from nothing yet she’s the primary decision maker whether she admits it or not.

  31. Cody is a loser using “religion” as an excuse to sleep with multiple women. Now, he’s tired of the first and oldest 3. He’s a fraud and an attention whore. He also want a free ride and thinks Sister Wives” is that. I guess she wasn’t counting on everyone finding out what a selfish scammer he really is. Robyn and Cody can have each other. Both are self-centered, attention seeking, manipulative wastes of time. Meri & Janelle should leave them in the rear view, like Christine and MAKE HIM PAY CHILD SUPPORT.

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