Sister Wives: Third wife Christine Brown said she wanted to be more physically affectionate with Kody

Sister Wives: Third wife Christine Brown said she wanted to be more physically affectionate with Kody

While Janelle, Robyn and Meri all seemed a bit open to the idea of sharing the house, the third wife Christine Brown was firmly opposed to the project. She said openly, “I’m not going to do it.”

The reason? In part, Christine wants to have physical affection with Kody without having to worry about the other wives coming in. (During her explanation, the TLC producers showed a film of Kody walking and affectionately beating Christine’s ass in private).

“I know that, for many people, living under the same roof makes more sense because it’s a big family, so why wouldn’t we want to live like a big family?” Sister Wives star told the producers. “And they have a point. But I can’t tell you how great it is to be in charge of my own domain.”

She also explained that she never felt she could be truly intimate with Kody Brown physically on a regular basis in their common home in Utah. “Living kiboshes intimacy together. He just does it,” she said. That’s how I knew what kind of wife I wanted to be when we were all living together”. But I just couldn’t be that wife, because there were always other wives around.”

Christine Brown became even more precise about the restrictions she felt in her marriage, explaining to the producers of Sister Wives: “We couldn’t be physically affectionate with each other except in our rooms, in our bedrooms. Every wife deserves to be loved in her kitchen, and in her living room, and everywhere outside. You can never really be an intimate couple, because there was always the possibility that another wife could and wanted and could come in at any time.

Sister Wives: Second wife Janelle was open to the idea of one big ‘community’ and said Christine’s bedroom placement might affect her decision

Kody Brown lived in a big house with his four wives in their house in Lehi, Utah. Robyn Brown, who joined the family last, said that their shared living situation in Utah was one of the things that attracted her to the Browns in the first place.

But after Robyn Brown joined the family and went public on Sister Wives, the Browns moved into four houses in a Las Vegas cul-de-sac to avoid potential charges of polygamy in Utah.

According to Kody’s second wife, Janelle, the family’s past life situation, and what Christine may have heard from other wives and Kody, may have sourced her against living in a shared home.

“When we lived in Lehi, Utah, Christine had someone above her,” explained the star of Sister Wives. “You know, there really is an axiom in plural families, you never put one wife above the other.” You know, you hear the walking and the laughter and everything. And I think that’s not healthy, that’s not healthy. There’s no privacy.”

But Janelle said Kody’s new project for a shared house in Flagstaff could solve the problem. “This house has privacy and autonomy,” she said. “For me, it’s more about community. I love the community… I love this idea.”

Written by Emma Fisher

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  1. These ladies have serious issues. Don’t they get that they share his penis. He does the same thing to all of them… Every woman deserves one man who can love only her. Gosh they are brainwashed poor things.

  2. The Bible says 1 man and 1 woman. God didnt make Adam and Eve and Tina and susie and jennifer ect. Kody is sickening….Meri got the right idea. Those other women are also attractive and smart one …they could do what they do, make a living and meet 1 man each of them and not have to share a man. Kody acts like he is a all that and a bag of chips. Yuch. Yep you are right the women must be brainwashed.

  3. Although it would not be for me. They aren’t hurting anyone. Many people have multiple sexual partners with no concern of how long it goes on, short times , long times , no one cares about that. Then there are those that live together and often change partners , so I say live and let live.
    I guess if we were raised in it we wouldn’t be so aghast at the concept.

  4. You know how he picks out which one he’s going to sleep with? Lines them outside the bedroom door and licks his finger and touches each one on the forehead. Whichever one goes “tttssss” is the one. True story.

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