Sister Wives: Robyn Brown On a Hunt

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown On a Hunt

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown can only look around the room to see the reaction to Kody’s words on the other wives’ faces.It seems that Robyn is overwhelmed by what Kody says in the next episode of Sister Wives.

Robyn also needed to know if she was the only wife left unaware of Kody Brown’s plans. But did you find that answer on the other wives’ faces when you took a look at the room full of family?

Robyn Brown On a Hunt

Robyn Brown immediately starts looking for clues when Kody Brown draws attention on the TV screen. She shows family pictures of a huge house that she expects all of Sister Wives’ family members to call home.

Sister Wife’s younger wife, Robyn, said she looked around the room for signs of “awareness”. Did anyone else know Kody planned this? Since Robyn wasn’t aware of it, she wondered if she was the only one. But it seems that Kody Brown successfully kept this secret from all four of his wives and even his children.

Kody Brown’s presentation also caused a lot of confusion among Sister Wives’ children. One of them shouted out a question when Kody started his sales pitch. A child’s voice can be heard on the video and asks Kody whose house this is. Their father claims to own it and says this is his house. Then one of the kids yells in a worried tone, ” what you’re moving out ?”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Offers One Big Invitation to “My House”

Kody Brown began the presentation by calling this house “my house.” This left not only the children of Sister Wives with questions, but also Robyn Brown. Robyn talked to the cameras of Sister Wives after the sale. Her confusion focused on what Kody Brown meant by calling it his house. She wanted to know what that meant.

Kody Brown’s presentation created a lot of confusion even for the Sisters Wives‘ children. One of them shouted a question as Kody Brown began his sales speech. In the video you can hear a child’s voice asking Kody whose house this is. The father claims ownership by telling his brood that this is his home. Then one of the children shouts in a worried tone, “What are you moving?

The Sister Wives patriarch declared in the previews to be the owner of this house a couple of times. Initially he did not seem to present the house as a shared house. Instead, it sounded more like he invited his wives and children to come and live with him in “my” new house that he plans to build.

The Old Switcheroo

What is behind this sudden shift from “ours” to “my” for the Patriarch of the Sisters Wives? It seems Robyn is also guilty of this change. No one knows for sure. But if you look at the decade of seasons of Sister Wives, one theme continues to emerge. So maybe this offers a clue.

When we talk about the Sister Wives houses in Vegas and now in Flagstaff, they all had names. It was either “Meri Brown’s house, Janelle Brown’s house, Christine Brown’s house or Robyn’s house when we talk about the different properties.

While Kody Brown’s name is on all property deeds of his wives, no one calls it Kody’s house or home. So maybe the Sister Wives father of 18 wants to change things a little?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown On a Hunt

Don’t Knock It Until You Try It?

You can’t tell from the previews whether Robyn was just surprised by this news or whether she’s not so enthusiastic about Kody’s plans either. In last week’s episode Kody Brown shared his plans with a buddy. He showed his friend Nathan images of the house. Kody also told his friend how he intended to betray the family.

He then explained to his friend how all his wives have expressed their thoughts about living together in the past. The father of 18 tells Nathan how he understands that Meri, Janelle and Christine did this before and do not seem to invest in it again.

But when it comes to Robyn, she has no experience of living as a family under one roof. So she has no idea how this will work for her. If this happens, it’ll be the first time for Robyn.

Kody Brown tells his friend this time it’s different. Since he had the blueprints created, he has mentioned a few times how each wife gets her own individual space. Each of these houses inside the big house has a kitchen, living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. He thought this might serve the purpose.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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  1. I love show and I think be fun having sister wife’s cause I would love have children running around my home.cause gotta keep spice in relation ship going.i would love cooking together shopping and more.

  2. I don’t believe for one second that Robin wasn’t aware. She was nervously acting because she was scared of how the other wives were going to react. However, I think living in one house would have a positive effect on the relationships with Kody, especially the kids. If the wives don’t want to live together and they want separate lives, what is the point of this sacrificial lifestyle?

  3. I would like to know where their money comes from does Kody work or do they live off monies from TLC network pays them to get on TV and make fools of themselves

  4. I find this show fascinating, kind of like watching ID TV. Watching a homicide show is horrifying yet compelling, like the Brown family. What I find extraordinary is this pseudo demigod calling all the shots. Kody doesnt like dogs, so no dogs (with the exception of his transplanted depressed beautiful daughter). Kody wants to move 25 people uprooting his entire clan with a half baked plan, so off they go. Instead of selling the homes (where everyone was happy) he plunges the family into possible financial ruins and then had the balls to complain about his commute to each house. Kody (apparently just Kidy) has a dream of building a one family monstrosity that he repeatedly calls “his house”. Three of his wives have said repeatedly NO. That doesnt stop Messiah Kody from plugging along with his dream. Come on ladies it 4:1. You all work and have an income. Put Rumelstilkin into place before you are all miserable forever because no one will ever buy Kodys dream home

  5. Kody Issa selfish idiot. They keep complaining they have no money, they are struggling to pay the remaining Vegas mortgages, Meri’s already been run out of one neighborhood, Robyn is closest to Kody seriously none of the wives knew? These women should go on building their own lives and leave Kody in his own lala land. Even the older kids have chosen not to have plural marriages most likely because of all the drama their parents have with Kody on a never ending quest to run from one place to the other every three years.

  6. I enjoy sister wives and appreciate that the Brown’s are willing to share their faith and lifestyle with all of us. I am enlightened and amazed how they make this all work. I don’t think I could do it but, if God is orchestrating it, all things are possible. The biggest problem I have is with the world and law enforcement. When someone voices negative comments towards them and the law wants to throw them in jail, I am truly speechless. These same individuals, who condemn the Brown’s for their faith and lifestyle, say nothing about the man who would cheat on his wife and have children with other women. Kody Brown and his wives support one another, are completely self supporting, he parents these children along with his wives. I see well rounded, educated, happy children and young adults and these parents deserve the credit. None of these children are being forced to embrace polygamy with their spouses. It is their personal choice or conviction. Where is law enforcement with arresting men who cheat on their wives? Apparently, when there is more than one woman in a relationship, they are all consenting adults and willing participants, they create a family unit, call it polygamy, it becomes grounds for arrest. But if we don’t call it polygamy, don’t tell your wife you have a relationship with several other women, have many children but don’t support them, it’s perfectly legal (although immoral) and you will be left alone. We truly live in crazy times. …… Isaiah 5:20-22 gives us a biblical perspective of today’s world and it speaks volumes as too what the Brown’s face. I appreciate every one of you, it has been a blessing for me to watch your family grow, watch strong women in the process and help me to understand your faith a little bit better. Thank you so much.

    • Opinions like this are how Kody continues to reign as King of HIS castle. Utah wasn’t after them, Las Vegas certainly wasn’t after them and no matter what they say Flagstaff isn’t after them. And there in lies the problem.

  7. Well I’m the diva in my wifes starring role. I’m not a bit player or a co wife. As the product of brainwashing of plural marriage these women had the joy of pretending their own homes afforded them autonomy, over other females even for the shortest time. The big houses reinforces the Kingship of Lord Kody. And his horniness can have ir not have at his pleasure.

  8. Kody is a selfish pig. He constantly complains about money, but HE keeps wanting all these moves and then expects the wives to figure it out for him. He doesn’t seem to give a damn about anyone but himself and it’s clear he thinks very highly of himself. Unlike the ladies, but I would run like hell from that man!

  9. He’s supposed to be in a relationship not with one but with for women and he doesn’t have the common decency or courtesy to them to tell them what they’re planning I say bye-bye Kobe they can do much better than you

  10. How is them living in this big house different than say an apartment? It has private entrances and is self contained. They lived in the homes in Vegas that were side by side and not much division. While I could not live the lifestyle I see them living in big house separately. They act like they are living together but each would have their own space. I guess time will tell. I think all the ” I want live that way is an act” all for drama.

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