Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Gets Co-Wives Laughing

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Gets Co-Wives Laughing

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown put on a little show of her own behind Kody Brown‘s back on the last episode of the Discovery Channel series. While it seemed a little out of the ordinary for Robyn, her sister wives enjoyed her antics.

Robyn Brown Gets Co-Wives Laughing

Robyn Brown made her funny faces seemingly mocking Kody Brown’s spiel while he sat on the couch. It went on until the sister wives share the husband. Kody could only turn his head and dazzle Robyn. That gave her a big, but exaggerated smile.

Kody Brown did his best in the last episode to sell his Sisters Wives‘ big house idea to their wives. He also spent some time examining their rather sad financial situation.

The season you watch now filmed over a year ago so these dilemmas appear solved today. But this season’s Sister Wives offers a glimpse into the months when they first landed in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Likes White

Much of Sunday night’s episode focused on the sale of Kody’s Sister Wives, his dream of a unique home. She tweeted as some of the scenes unfolded. Kody said she felt alone in her enthusiasm for this great house.

He offered some pretty dramatic comparisons, like his great idea of the Sisters Wives’ house, which already has 100 stab wives. So, as you can see from the tweets above, Kody seemed a bit defeated. Robyn may have helped spark some drama on the show, but she didn’t seem to have done much to help Kody’s cause.

Even when Kody Brown brought up the pictures of his house, Robyn seemed unenthusiastic. She talked a couple of times about how everything was so white. The 3D images of Kody showed her house not only finished, but also furnished.

He filled the inside with white furniture. So, against the walls all white, well… there’s a lot of white. But it didn’t go unnoticed, as Robyn pointed out.

The youngest of the Sister Wives spouses also asked if Kody forgot who his children were. That’s because that all-white interior wouldn’t last long with all his kids running around. Kody could only say he likes white.

Sister Wives: Looks Like Robyn Brown Hits a Homerun

Robyn seemed to have a lot of questions about this big house. She also seemed a little frustrated with the surprise presentation. But even the fourth sister-wife seemed to express her thoughts a little differently than usual. She did it jokingly while sitting on that couch.

While the wives held back the laughter, you could see they understood what their partner was doing. They seemed to quietly appreciate Robyn’s little skit. Kody continued with his serious words about the problems they’d faced.

That is until he seemed to figure out his wives’ demeanors didn’t match with what he was saying. So when he turned his head to see what was going on, Robyn sat there with that exaggerated smile.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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