Sister Wives: Christine Sells Robyn’s Jewelry

Sister Wives: Christine Sells Robyn’s Jewelry

Christine and Meri Brown are always busy selling their LuLaRoe equipment during live events, and now Christine Brown is even selling the discontinued jewelry lines of Robyn Brown. Regardless of the brown family crowds, Sister Wives fans aren’t particularly impressed by the quality of Robyn’s jewelry – and they’re not afraid to be vocal about it either.

Sister Wives fans briefly thought Christine Brown and Kody Brown might be on their way to a split. This was specifically because Kody handed over a piece of land to Christine, making her the sole independent owner. This was remarkable because it was the first time a piece of Brown’s property had been transferred to one of Kody Brown’s wives for independent ownership. The property was worth just over $500,000, and was purchased in 2018.

Some fans thought this was a sign of marital problems for the two, given how unprecedented the whole situation seemed. However, Christine Brown put the rumors to rest by taking several opportunities to highlight the ring on her finger during the recent LuLaRoe livestreams.

Others have noted that the Brown family has been facing monetary and real estate problems for some time, and have suggested that the transfer may have more to do with this than with any deterioration in their relationship.

Sister Wives: Christine Sells Robyn’s Jewelry

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown briefly started a jewelry line she called ‘My Sisterwife’s Closet’. However, the line was of short duration. When visitors arrive on the page now, they are greeted with a message that reads: “We’ll be right back! We are busy updating the store for you. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date! ”

There have been virtually no updates since the page was originally closed in 2019, but as reported by The Sun, My Sisterwife’s Closet still has an active business license from the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Christine has worked hard to sell her LuLaRoe goods during live sales sessions. She recently decided to give the sale of Robyn’s jewelry a whirl during such a session. She said that Robyn Brown was not available to take part in the session.

Brown sold the defunct jewelry line pieces at a discount, offering charms of the line for $10 each. She will sell more jewelry from Roby Brown’s line in upcoming sessions.

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