Sister Wives: Kody Weathered By Stress?

Sister Wives: Kody Weathered By Stress?

While financial misery remained a topic throughout the Sister Wives seasons, it sounds like it has never been worse than it is today. Even Christine Brown sold her merchandise with a view to paying $50,000 for her daughter’s operation.

Kody Brown ended up in a live streaming sale that Meri Brown set up a while ago. Even though the camera is still on, he told Meri Brown that he can’t sleep because of his stress level. Christine Brown recently pointed out in a quip what Kody Brown did with the food.

It looked like he might get a binge. Although she didn’t refer to a problem with eating binges, the mutilated bowl of freshly baked sandwiches that remained in his wake seemed to tell a story.

When the last season ended, Kody Brown wondered if polygamy still worked for him. Because almost the whole season he managed to burst two of his wives into tears. Both Meri and Robyn Brown cried the rivers. He even told Meri Brown that she was manipulating him to marry her.

Yep, Kody was cheeky, according to a large majority of Sister Wives viewers. Some of the followers even suggested that he was pretending to have a late midlife crisis. If he was suffering from a mid-life crisis and that prompted this Flagstaff move, his four Sister Wives didn’t seem to notice. They protested the move, but packed up their keys, stocks and barrels and went after him.

It is well known that money is tight. Especially since the Sister Wives patriarch has said this enough throughout the series. What is now going on with Kody Brown and the finances is a gamble. He recently sold his property in Christine’s house to her for the sum of $10.

It seems that he is freeing himself of excess financial baggage. But there may be a good reason for that. Maybe there is a building waiting around the corner on Coyote Pass, which would also be a stressful situation. Just dividing the plots caused a heap of lawn for the Sister Wives clan.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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