Sister Wives: Meri Still Loves Her Man

Sister Wives: Meri Still Loves Her Man

Sister Wives star Meri Brown finally shot back at the rumors. Amid the rumors of breaking up with her husband of 3 years, Meri Brown came forward to share her point. The owner of Lizzie BnB made a long Instagram post to sort things out once and for all.

Sister Wives: Meri Still Loves Her Man

After a very long time Meri took her Instagram and shared a nice picture with Kody Brown. In the caption to this photo Meri Brown told about her relationship with her husband of thirty years.

Although she didn’t owe an explanation to anyone, she continued and did the same. Meri Brown started by saying that she loves her husband very much. She went on to say that being in the public eye involves a lot of speculation and guessing. However, she made it clear that her relationship with Kody Brown is only hers and that others don’t have to interfere.

Meri Brown went on to explain that the couple have had their ups and downs. However, that does not mean that everything is over between them. In fact, as long as the two parties involved are willing to communicate, the relationship will survive. The same happens with Kody Brown and Meri Brown’s relationship…

Meri Brown went on to say that she also runs several companies. She also has male friends and travels a lot. However, Meri Brown admitted that she wouldn’t apologize for anything. She is human with an independent will.

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