Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Single Again?

Sister Wives: Is Meri Brown Single Again?

Meri Brown, known from Sister Wives, set the rumor mill spinning recently. She introduced her new romantic interest, Amos Andrews, to her followers. Not long ago, Meri seemed to be on cloud nine. She shared glimpses of her blossoming relationship on social media. She even featured Amos on her “Fridays with Friends” segment.

However, the initial excitement has waned. Meri’s social media posts have returned to solo updates. These posts predominantly feature her cherished dog, Miss Zona. This shift has led fans to speculate about the status of Meri’s relationship. They wonder if she has returned to single life.

Meri Brown Faces Backlash and Speculation After Introducing Amos Andrews

The intrigue around Meri Brown’s relationship took a dramatic turn when she introduced Amos on her live show. Almost immediately, critics delved into Amos’s past. They uncovered allegations of unpaid child support and criticisms from an ex-spouse. These revelations cast a shadow over the new relationship.

Following these revelations, Meri’s online presence diminished significantly. This raised questions about the impact of these accusations on both Amos and Meri. Despite the storm of speculation, Meri briefly mentioned that Amos was “scared away.” She left fans to ponder whether it was the negative attention or the pressure of the spotlight that caused the retreat.

Is Amos Andrews Still in Meri Brown’s Life?

Since addressing Amos’s departure, Meri Brown has resumed her regular updates. She does not mention her recent beau in any of these updates. A recent photo of Meri and Miss Zona looking off-camera sparked further speculation.

Sister Wives enthusiasts theorized that Amos might still be in the picture, just out of the public eye. Despite being stranded in a hotel room due to severe weather, Meri made no reference to Amos. She only mentioned her canine companion. This added to the mystery of her current relationship status.

Will Meri Brown Reveal Amos Andrews’ Fate on Sister Wives, or End in Silence?

Fans speculate Meri might choose to let the memory of her time with Amos gradually fade if their relationship has ended. This would be rather than making a direct announcement.

Known for sharing only selected aspects of her life with the public, Meri may be keeping the details of her relationship under wraps. Whether it’s ended or continues away from the public gaze. As Sister Wives continues to film, only time will tell if Amos will reappear in Meri’s life onscreen. Alternatively, this chapter of her love life will quietly close.

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Written by Ashley Bennett

Ashley Bennett is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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